Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dal Shorba (Horsegram Soup) and Spicy Potatoes

My Valentines's gift came early, almost a week early to be exact. February is not one of my favorite months, it is the time of the year when everybody tends to fall sick. It was my turn over the weekend and my family took very good care of me. DH, DD and DD2 cooked up this wonderful soup and side of potatoes one night. DD found this recipe in Washington Post and recruited dad to make it. Recipes are as noted by DD in her recipe book.

Recipe Source: Washington Post


1. 1 cup of Horse gram cooked till tender
2. 1/2 onion thinly sliced
3. 1/2 inch ginger peeled and grated
4. 2 garlic cloved minced
5. 2 tomatoes chopped
6. 1 /4 tsp turmeric powder
7. 1 tsp chicken masala powder or curry powder
8. 10 mint leaves
9. 1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves
10. salt to taste
11. 2 cups water

1. In a pot heat oil, add the onion and saute till translucent
2. add the ginger, garlic and saute till soft
3. add the tomatoes and the powders and cook till tomatoes are soft
4. Add water and bring it to a boil.
5. add the cooked horsegram, mint and coriander leaves, reduce the heat and simmer till desired consistency is reached
6.Season with salt boil for a minute more.

Serve warm

Spicy Potatoes
1. Baby Potatoes - 6-8
2. 2 tsp sambhar powder
3. salt
4. oil

1. Boil and peel the baby potatoes and cut in half
2. Heat a bit of oil in a pan when hot add in the potatoes, sambhar powder and salt
3. Saute till slightly browned



  1. What a lovely healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful to have your family take care of you when you were feeling down, ISG. Very sweet and clever kids (dad too!). I love the dal shorba... looks so comforting. And the spicy potatoes will be a breeze with magic sambhar powder :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. horsegram soup! wow..

  4. awww....thats such a wonderful gifts from ur hubby and little ones:) nothing can be more precious gift for v-day from this which tells u how much they love and care for u:)
    i loved horsegram soup indo. i have to buy a bag of horsegram to make this. and that spicy potatoes are like cherry on icing:)
    get well soon dear:) hugs to u.

  5. You are tempting Linda again Indo! :D

    Dal looks yummy. I bought a big packet of Horse gram last weekend, got to use it! Enjoy the weekend.

  6. hope u r feeling better now! sure is wonderful to be taken care of with such yummy stuff!

  7. Horse gram is new to me, but this lovely soup makes me want to explore.

  8. Hi...Horsegram soup looks great.... Healthy dish....Realy want to give it a try...

  9. yummy and new soup love your spicy potatoes

  10. You indeed have a wonderful family.

  11. Awesome! This dish has the most important ingredient: Love! Am sure this tastesd really good! Hope you are feeling better, dear!

  12. warm warm soup .....quite healthy one !!!

  13. I bet you felt better looking at the food that was cooked with so much love and care.

    Hope you are feeling better !

  14. Hi ISG,
    Take care of your health.
    Both looks delicious!!!
    I always use sambar powder for baby potato curry. Thanks

  15. that is soo cute, you are lucky to have such a loving family Indo... Hope you are feeling better now, after such a lovely meal I am sure you are...

  16. These look so good!!! Baby potaoes look delicious.Thanks for the recipe.


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