Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beet(root) Dosai

Winter it seems is perfect for movie watching, endless nights stretched out before it is time to go to sleep. To find a movie that is OK for the whole family to watch is not an easy task. Adults in the household can only take so much of Cars, Monsters, Inc and Happy Feet and the kiddies are not yet ready for Michael Clayton. But not to despair we did hit a middle ground with 1940s and 50s Hollywood movies. Sometime ago it was Mr. Smith goes to Washington and more recently "The Talk of the Town", Jean Arthur has become my favorite actress. It had comedy, romance and was also a thriller to boot. What more can anyone ask. And did I say I love my local library?

When a choice is given between idli or dosai, usually dosai wins hands down. But even the ever favorite dosai can get boring after a while but jazzing it up by adding some color never hurts. Hand anything colorful, over to the kids or adults for that matter curiosity gets the better of them and then the taste buds take over. Beet dosai is one such, the color is amazing and a taste to match.


1. Few Days old dosai batter
2. Grated Beetroot
3. Finely chopped onion
4. finely chopped green chilies (optional)

1. Mix ingr 1-4, adding salt if necessary
2. Heat a hot griddle, pour a laddle of batter, sperad thinly in a circular motion
3. Add oil to the edges.
4. Flip, cook on the other side

Serve with chutney of choice. We had them with Tomato Mashers.


  1. i can watch happy feet, cars, shrek many times and any time of the day;) guess there i still have to grow up;)
    and slurrrrrrrrrp is the only thing i can say about beet dosa:)

  2. Hi Indo, you DO LOVE your dosas, don't you my friend? :D
    That is one colorful dosa, great to beat all the Winter blues away! Enjoy!:))
    I have enabled the comments again btw. Have a great weekend.

  3. That looks yummy, and with its beautiful colors it reminds me of upcoming Valentine's Day :)).
    thanks for sharing ISG

  4. Wow! what a lovely dosai. I love beet roots, this is awesome. A healthy way of consuming the goodness of beets. I bet all th children would love this. Thanks.

  5. The same way I prepare Tomato dosa. Blanched tomato added to thick dosa batter, resulting in rose-red dosas. Aren't they beautiful?

  6. love those beautiful color dosas....healthy breakfast!!!

  7. Like sup I too can watch those movies again and again :D Beautiful Dosa, Love that color...

  8. Yet another gorgeous beet recipe - the food blogs are full of them right now, and this makes me happy, because I simply adore beets. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Gorgeous color and healthy to boot! Very creative.

  10. Wow.. Never seen anything like this. Definitely going to try !

    Can you add my site to your list ?

    "All Things Yummy" @

  11. love the dosas ISG. and don't know how I missed the cake. That looks great!

  12. These look so delicious ISG! And tomato mashers with the mathu!! Makes me want to run out and get some beets :)

  13. I want to make this even if it's just for the colour :)

  14. love your dosas ,beautiful color

  15. Sia, I don't deny they are fun but if that is the only choice then you'd feel differently about them.
    Aren't they pretty and they do quiet well in the taste department too.

    Asha, I sure do :) You bet! You too dear friend, have a great weekend.

    Pooja, that is right, a great color for Valentines :)

    mythreyee, yes absolutely the goodness of beets comes for free :)

    Suganya, oh yes tomatoes can work the same way, I prepare tomato dosa using a different method.

    Remya absolutely.

    Sig, no way when a small voice pipes up these movies as choice every time.

    Lisa, beet season? I see them all year and am not sure. these dosais are really tasty.

    Kalai, thank you.

    Pallavi, will do. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

    Mandira, you'd love them, in this case what is on the outside clearly reflects the inside :)

    Linda, tomato mashers the perfect dish to put the mathu to use. If you did run out, it would have been a good choice, the dosais are real good.

    Cynthia, besides the color they do taste great.

    Sagari, thank you.

  16. Beetroot! Beetroot Dosa! Wow! Thats some idea! Bookmarked!

  17. nothing like watching some good ole movies during the winter! We finally watched "The Namesake" last night! Loved it!
    Beet dosa sounds sooooooo innovative!

  18. what a variety of dosas. Great twist and nutritious too. love the color

  19. What a gorgeous dosa? Must have been sweet too b'coz of the beets. Very nice recipe ISG. Loved your platter.


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