Monday, January 14, 2008

Aloo Paratha

Happy Pongal!
Wish it were a holiday today.

Family's request to not put rice on the menu especially during dinner time is never an easy prospect, given that we are big time rice eaters. It is not like rice is completely banished, we do eat rice every afternoon. Hence the request of not eating rice during dinner time did not seem entirely unreasonable.

From the time I first tasted of Aloo Paratha this classic dish has been my absolute favorite. In fact it has to be up there in the list of my favorite foods. Give me some aloo parathas and I am in heaven already :) I am glad that it is also a family favorite, even DD the slowest eater in the house finishes it off in record time.

Parathas with some sweet spicy mango pickle and yogurt

How can a riceless dinner menu not have Aloo Paratha?
Blog world is rich in Aloo paratha recipes, wonderful step by steps ready for our us to pick.

Here are 2 I consulted:
Musical's Kitchen
Shivapriya's My Cookbook


  1. Happy Pongal to you dear friend, enjoy. I have one Aloo Paratha at Aroma made with Pooja's recipe.Looks yum, love them too!:)

  2. happy pongal to u too ISG.
    and yes, gimme hot aloo parata with curds and pickle and i am in heaven too:)

  3. parathas are good, but its the pickle thats making me drool... did you make those?

  4. ISG, I m not able to view the photo, but all the same the mention of it with sweet n spicy mango pickle has left me with a bucket full of saliva! :D

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  6. Asha, hope you had a good Pongal celebration with both the sweet and Ven Pongal. Yes Aloo Parathas a dear favorite isn't it.

    Sia, exactly. Did you make Pongal?

    Sig, absolutely the pickles are really worth a drool. Nope, A gift from aunt and uncle, their friend give them every year.

    Purnima, photobucket acting up :) The best meal ever!

  7. Happy Pongal to you, too! Aloo paratha looks awesome! Beautiful looking with pickle! :)

  8. All the same I'd like to see your secret recipe, ISG. One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn to cook more Indian breads (and no, I don't mean dosa -- dismal at those!). Happy Pongal, ISG :)

  9. Kali, yes they are delicious with pickle.

    Linda, you would do fine, dosai is easy breezy compared to making Naan, Roti, chappathi...

  10. Happy Pongal. I've been longing for some aloo parathas myself and will make some this weekend :)

    I'm a big rice eater too (lol)

  11. very nice recipe pickle and paratha wonderfull combo

  12. Aloo paratha with curds and pickle is such a classic combination. I just finished dinner , yet I'll gladly take that plate for a second round.


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