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Warm October and Milagai Saatham (Green Chilli Rice)

Warm and Sunny October Sunday
What is one to do when the day dawns bright sunny and warm, feels like it is almost a crime to stay indoors. We don't have to travel much to get into the woods, walk a few houses down the road , and stop near DDs friends' house who usually joins us, cut across their backyard and few yards down is the trail. We hike on the trail which literally runs in our backyard, kids like to put their feet in the creek which has just a trickle of water compared to a couple of years ago when it was overflowing the banks. This is a return trip because the kids wanted to look at the mushroom ( fungus?) growing on a tree spotted during our last visit, so camera in hand we went on the search.

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sun peeking through the trees

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the creek

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the mushroom

Milagai Saatham - Green Chili Rice
Milagai Saatham is one recipe I had wanted to try ever since I saw a few chilies on the chili plant. I remember my mom's aunt bringing this dish during Margali maatham (December) but nothing about the taste or anything else for that matter. The last time I got a good bit of chilies from the plants resorted to making Milagai Puli because I had not succeeded in procuring a recipe for the saatham. Again this week I got a good bit of chilies and was determined to find the recipes no matter. How do I find the recipe? dispatch my mother ofcourse, well she searched high and low but finally found it pretty close to home, my ammayee-her mom gave her the recipe. I had also recruited my brother, who lives close to my mom's aunt's (why all this struggle, I call her grandma too) grand daughter lives. I might get her version of the recipe pretty soon and have enough chilies left for that trial too.

I am not exactly sure in the heat scale where my chilies stand, they are on the hot mild side, not on the lip burning side. The number of chilies have to be adjusted according to the heat of the chilies. The recipe itself is pretty simple and easy. But amazing taste wise and the smell of fresh green chilies has to be experienced. I thought the heat would make it impossible to eat more than a spoon or two but it was not the tongue burning just flavorful and delicious. Method2 was the recipe from my ammayee, I modified it a little bit to suit my tastebuds better.

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1. 10 -12 Green Chilies
2. handful of coriander leaves
3. a small lime sized ball of tamarind, soak in a little bit of water and extract the pulp
4. salt
5. 1 1/4 tbsp sesame oil
6. 1 1/2 Cups cooked rice
7. seasonings: mustard, cumin, urad dal and curry leaves.

1. Grind the chilies, coriander leaves and half the tamarind pulp
2. In a pan heat the oil and add the seasonings, when the urad dal turns brown,
3. add the ground paste and let it simmer, after about 2-3 minutes
4. add the remaining tamarind pulp
5. Let it simmer till the water used for grinding has all evaporated.

Method 2
In this method there is no cooking or seasoning involved, blend the ingredients without any water and mix with the sesame oil and serve.

Mix with the cooked rice and serve.


  1. Woo Hoo!! Hot baby Hot!! Looks great Indo! Yeah! Warm food for warm weather. Dang!! I am desperate for Winter now!!:)
    We have severe water restriction now. Fine would be from $200 to $600 if we use more water than necessary!

  2. Lovely pictures! And this rice is definitely on my list, one real hot recipe :).

  3. Ahhh isn't the weather nice ? had a hectic weekend with all the Puja celebrations, dead tired and lots of work
    catch up later, looks like you had agood time in the woods

  4. looks like u had a great time in the woods..
    milagai saatham is new to me and looks good.

  5. I make this when I serve Mexican. This is far better than the green rice that they serve in the restaurants.

  6. I have never heard of this rice..sounds fun...I know my Dh would love it..:-)

  7. Your pictures looks great,and chili rice is mouthwatering recipe..sure will give it a try...:)thanx for the recipe...!

  8. Have never heard of this but would love to try it some day!

  9. Wow.. very nice recipe & very good pics.. ISG. You are rocking... Milagai Puli and Milagai Rice is a great collection..
    I have bookmarked this too.

  10. Wow that is indeed a HOT rice dish.
    I am sure i would love them but if i make it for my daughter and hubby they will run a mile. Should try when i am alone for lunch

  11. My hubby will love this. Thx for sharing.

  12. Lovely photos of your warm October hike, ISG -- and how wonderful to have that beautiful place right in your backyard! That chili rice looks wonderful too, can't beat it with your own fresh produce. I am planning some peppers, hot and sweet, for the next garden, but not sure I can wait till then to try this rice :)

  13. Hi ISG,
    Great pictures!!!
    This recipe is totally new to me.
    Looks nice. Thanks for sharing.

  14. wow...this is one perfect dish for me on a cold day like today. This is a new recipe for me.I love spicy food. My tastebuds are tingling already looking at your pic. Bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing. Nice pics of the trees and creek.

  15. this looks so simple and tasty - i love to make milaga thokku and usually mix it with plain rice and ghee for some comfort food - this does it all in one step. Nice!

  16. Chilli is my best friend! love it, can't live without chilli :)

  17. Asha, not HOT as it looks, even DD1 ate a few spoonfuls. Good idea to conserve water.

    Musical, do try it the smell of green chilies is just amazing, I could not stop eating :)

    Sandeepa, had fun during Durga Pujo eh? yes Sandeepa, the woods are our getaway from city life :)

    Prema, do give this a try, you will like it.

    Suganya, I have never tasted the Mexican Green Rice, no way to compare.

    Chandrika, it is not common, I looked all over for the recipe but could not find it. Let me know how it turns out.

    Raks, do let me know how you liked it if you do make it.

    Sra, if you love aromatic spicy you should try this.

    ANI, thanks friend, when you do make them let me know how they turn out.

    Happy Cook, don't worry it is not that spicy. So make it and see what your daughter and husband say;

    Linda, we are indeed lucky the trip into the woods always makes us refreshed and happy. Chili peppers for the garden is a good idea. Do try this Linda, it is not fiery or anything, the smell of the fresh green chilies is just amazing.

    MT, thanks and do give the recipe a try.

    Kribha, if you like spicy food, this is a given you would love this, could not stop eating and I am all set to cook it again real soon.

    Sheela, Milagai thokku a great idea for my leftover chilies, do you have a recipe on your blog? Warm insides :)

    ti, amen to that, me too.

  18. I missed the post, now I can't see the pics :( Green chilli rice sounds so great, something I'd love!


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