Friday, October 5, 2007

Simple Lunches 8

Recently the yogurt isles of the super market have been taking a little bit more of my time than I'd like, trying to decipher what the labelling actually mean, noticing Yogurts labelled 'All Natural' besides the Organic and the regular ones. I am not really sure what 'All Natural' means compared to the Organic ones. Here is an article that explains. This type of labelling is for sure confusing. Started to see 'All Natural' labelling on Dannon products long time ago but did not really pay attention because they don't have an Organic line as far as I know, but started to really notice and get confused when Stoneyfiled Farms which primarily markets Orgainc dairy products also started carrrying products labelled 'All Natural'. I have picked up 'All Natural' thinking they were Organic because the packaging is very similar. 'All Natural' is not Organic is what I have found googling. The article linked above makes some of it clear.

Carrot Rice and Tindora Stir Fry
Carrot Rice is a very simple recipe to make but very tasty and ofcourse nutritious and the color definitely makes it attractive. It comes in very handy as a weeknight meal and a perfect lunch to pack. Add a few cashews roasted in ghee for that extra special something.

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1. 2 Cups Cooked Rice
2. 4 Carrots Grated
3. 3 Green Chilies chopped
4. 1/2 onion chopped
5. Seasonings mustard seeds, cumin and curry leaves
6. 15 Cashews broken and roasted in a little bit of ghee

1. In a pan heat oil, add the seasonings followed by the green chilies.
2. Add the onions and saute till translucent.
3. Now add the carrots saute, add salt cover and cook till soft (the amount of cooking depends upon how cooked you like the carrots to be)
4. Now add the cooked rice and mix it well.
5. Garnish with cashews

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Serve with a side of stir fried Tindora.


  1. yes it indeed is confusing. I had the same problem while buying Chocken/Poultry for S. I try to buy organic poultry for her but most of the time my neighbourhood ShopRite carries something which states "All Natural" which is not "Organic" though.

    The Organic has to have a FDA cert. doesn't it, the milk, yogurt etc. has

  2. One more, post this at DMC's Kids Food Fest which will be announced soon

  3. They have all different jargons to confuse us, poor shoppers.

  4. Hi ISG, grocery store is certainly full of marketing ploys -- with m's diabetes we have learned to read labels very carefully and try to teach her to distinguish between what's fact and what's fiction. I actually have tried to teach both the kids -- don't know how much sinks into the son with the hollow leg ;)

    Carrot rice looks so delicious and a great way to get them to eat more carrots! With cashews it would be special indeed :)

  5. Tre going for food shopping is really a hedache. When i want to buy eggs, sometimes i am standing there and thinking which on to take?? Free range, Omega 3, Bio well i have given up so each time i take different

  6. I know what you mean, the labels are always so confusing... I try to buy all organic products, esp diary, eggs and meat. But now I am not sure whether I've been buying natural or organic..let me go read the article :(

  7. What happen to simple shopping... I think the time we have to spend in the supermarkets these days, takes the joy out of shopping.

  8. Like all of you guys I have the same problem too. But I've stopped hammering my brain for this. Just trying out different ones each time. Carrot rice looks so colorful. One doubt. How does the rice taste? Is it both sweet and salty? Nice pic and recipe.

  9. Kribha, sure no doubt about that, grocery shopping is become such a chore. This is a spicy dish, the green chilies take out the sweet taste of carrots.


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