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Halwa of the Poori Halwa

A friend at work often talked about eating poori with halwa, the first I heard of it, marked it of as just her personal preference, not being familiar or even having heard of eating Poori with Halwa, for me poori is eaten with either Potato Masal or Peas Kurma or any Kurma. But thanks to the blogs and the festival season being celebrated around the blogworld I was pleasantly surprised to find out that eating Poori with Halwa is a North Indian tradition, there it is again the North South thing so it might be just a few states in the north, what do I know. Ingredient from which Halwa is made of, is not a lot different from the way Kesari is made. Cream of Wheat (Sooji or Rawa), ghee, sugar, dried fruits and nuts all ingredients that go into making a delicious Kesari.

Recipe Source: NPR's Kitchen Window

When I did finally make it was not much different than Kesari, creamy soft and rich, even though I cut down the fat used by about 2/3rds. I can imagine the taste with a piece of poori. I was not in a mood to make pooris, it rained for the past 4 days, no complaints about the rain, we need it but it is cold outside. But the Halwa can be enjoyed just by itself.

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1. 1 Cup of Cream of Wheat
2. 1 Cup of Sugar
3. 3 cups of water
3. 2 tbsp of butter + 1/2 tbsp ghee
4. 2 pods of cardamom
5. 2 tbsp of cashews and slivered almonds

1. Heat 2 tbsp of butter in a pan and when it melts add the cream of wheat and roast for about 10 minutes. Switch off the heat.
2. In a sauce pan, heat the water, sugar, cardamom and about 10 almond slivers when the sugar disolves and the water is at a boil
3. Start the heat on the cream of wheat, add the sugar syrup and mix well and let the cream of wheat start to thicken
4. Now cover the pan and let it cook for 8-10 minutes
5. Open the lid, add the ghee on the side, reserve about 1/2 tsp to roast the nuts
6. Heat for another 5 minutes, add the nuts on top and switch off the heat.

Eat just by itself or serve with Poori.


  1. ISG..this is indeed mouthwatering one!!! must try...bookmarked it..tks for posting!! Lovely pic too!!

  2. ISG, halwa looks lovely! and yes indeed, halwa poori is popular combo up North, either as a popular b'fast or as a festive food :).

  3. love puri-halwa..used to eat it as a kid ....i will try this halwa

  4. That looks so delicious ISG. I'm also like you. I've eaten poori with aloo, chenna or peas. This is indeed a new combo to me. Got to try it soon.

  5. I too love Poori with halwa though it is not usual in Bengal. Actually i love Poori with something sweet and also something spicy

    Halwa looks mighty good

  6. I've never heard of this. I know it's eaten with sugar. Indo, is it true that poli (the sweet one) is eaten with the sweet-sour brinjal preparation made for biriyani in TN? I've never seen it happen but two people told me they have.

  7. Halwa looks wonderfully shiny.

  8. Purnima thanks, it is very easy to make. A great snack for sure.

    Musical, that must be one tasty breakfast for sure. Do you do hte same here on weekends? The friend is from Pakistan and she says it is a popular street food there :)

    Rajitha, sure let me know how it turns out.

    Kribha, yes, let me know how you liked it I still have not tried it with Poori yet :)

    Sandeepa, yes sweet and spicy is a good explosion for our taste buds. Have you recuperated from the Durga Pujo festiviites? :) You should write about how you celebrated it here.

    Sra, looks like it is a purely North Indian tradition. No have not heard of Poli being eaten with the sweet and sour brinjal, I would not do it :). But tastes great with Briyani of which I learnt about only a few years ago.

    Happy cook, thank you.

  9. I like Halwa but on it's own like dessert. Never eaten with Poori. Looks delicious!:)

  10. Asha for us South Indians it is new eating Poori with Halwa. I love to eat it too as is but would love to try with Poori :)

  11. hey this is completely new thing for me, i can never have poories with any dessert you know!! I love to have that halwa and would love to have it all!!!yummy!!

  12. yum! looks awesome! :)

  13. Suji halwa, the most famous South Indian dessert.

  14. I have nver had poori-halwa. Sounds weird. A little bit of saffron should be nice in here.

  15. halwa puri, I've heard of it , especially when the hero in a hindi movie says "tera halwa poori nikal doonga";-)

  16. Hi ISG, I can just taste how delicious that halwa would be on a chilly rainy day, with those golden-fried cashews (you are generous with the cashews, I love it!)... and it looks so nice on your pretty red tablecloth, too :)

  17. halwa and poori... hmm... I have to take your word for it :) halwa looks yummy though, I'd just have it as is...

  18. Halwa -pori and a little bit of dry chana (the black gram) masala on the side - yum. It was offered on Navratri as prasad to little girls, and the chana would always get mixed into the halwa and that is a taste I now remember with a lot of nostalgia.

  19. Hmmm...really mouthwatering!!! thats a lovely combo...guess not popular in i havent tried this combo...

  20. Hey ISG,
    You've been tagged. Check it out in my blog. Do it only if you have time.Take care.

  21. halwa poori... ISG, you are making me nostalgic! Lovely picture :)

  22. wowwwwwww looks delecious

  23. Hi ISN,
    HALWA POORI looks delicious.
    i liked your green chilli saatham to going to make it for this winter.

  24. Padmaja yes I did not need the poori either, it was great by itself.

    Tee, thanks.

    Rina, yes Suji Halwa, but I know it more by the name Kesari.

    Suganya, weird - no, when so many vouch for its great combo taste. Saffron sure to jazz up any dish.

    Sunita, sure most of my knowledge of customs from different parts of India, come from movies too :)

    Linda, the more the merrier where cashews are concerned fried in a little bit of ghee they taste delicious.

    Sig, but I have tried the combo yet, only the half and that tastes great.

    Anita, sure the ones we look fondly of are those customs from childhood. Don't tell me you never make Halwa Poori at home :)

    Remya, no it is not a South Indian thing. thank you.

    Kribha, I did check it out, thank you and will try to do it :)

    Mandira, time to make it?

    Saagari thanks.

  25. Wow Vineela, nice to see you again and how are you doing? Its been more than a year since we heard from you. Do return to blogging, miss you a lot.

  26. I love puri-halwa....Ur halwa looks great ....YUM :-)

  27. I am just about to make halwa for diwali. Love this recipe. I will try it and let you know how it comes out, okay? By the way, am just about to mke your sambhar powder with my new coffee grinder!

  28. Sirashi, thanks.

    Mallika, that is great, look forward to hearing from you about the Halwa. How did the sambhar powder turn out? I can't survive a meal if I run out of my beloved sambhar powder.

  29. Ummmm, I can just imagine how good this tastes.

  30. Hi ISG,

    Lovely presentation. Thanks for sharing.


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