Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dosai Sandwich

Making elaborate meals is easy to deal with, plan a menu and start cooking and most times it somehow comes together alright. Except perhaps when cooking for a crowd when a few recipes that have been tried and trusted simply don't rise to the occasion. But well I was not intending to complain about slips in well planned meals. I was just trying to say that elaborate meals are easier to deal with than getting lunch packed for school that actually get eaten. So...

Always on the lookout for healthy but tasty and easy to eat, a snacky dosai sandwich fit this to T, another item that I often pack to school. Any spread that is a favourite would work be it cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, sugar or podi. One very good thing about using dosai is it does not get soggy like bread.

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1. Dosai batter
2. Idli Podi, ghee
3. Sugar

1. Make Small dosais
2. Spread some ghee on one dosai, sprinkle idli podi or sugar
3. Slap the other dosai on top

Pack it in a lunch box with loads of love and hope it will be all finished when the box gets home in the evening.


  1. Now thats a neat idea! :)

  2. Do you have a link on the Dosai batter ? Is it ready made ?

  3. I love both. Usually I spread podi on idlli and eat. Dosa is good too.

  4. yum looks excellent idea for lunch box the other day saw at vijis blog too :)

  5. Dosa itself is a luxury. No dressing up needed in my house :D

  6. hey thats looks amazing!!

  7. Sandeepa, no I have not posted dosai batter recipe. It is pretty simple really. Do you have a grinder or a blender would work, used it for the batter till we got a grinder. Look for a Idli rice at
    your favorite Indian grocer.

    1. 2 Cups rice
    2. 1/4 cup whole Urad dal
    3. 1 tsp of methi seeds

    The ratio of rice to urad dal is dependent on the type of rice but this ratio should work most times.

    Soak overnight and blend, not too smooth a little bit granular. Let it ferment overnight, the batter has to rise, leave it in the conventional oven with the light on overnight. Idli is another story but dosai would be easy to make. You can try making idlis when the batter is new and then switch to making dosais when it becomes sour.

  8. 2 cups of Idli Rice Flour, right ?

  9. Viji calls them Dosawich and Idliwich!!:D
    Looks great Indo. Enjoy and have a great weekend:)

  10. Dosas look so pretty....Nice idea for lunch boxes...

  11. Sandeepa,
    oh I was talking of Idli rice (soak it and then grind it)
    but you are going to soak urad and methi seeds and blend them right?


    Idli flour (do they carry such a thing?) or Cream of Rice works too


    1. you would grind the urad and methi, together is fine, remove, usually urad become to atleast 3 times the volume.

    2. Add the cream of rice or rice flour and add a bit of water and
    give it a whirl in the blender itself so they mix well and add to the blended urad dal

    3.add salt, use your hand and mix them well (using hands is important to the fermentation process).

    Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

  12. a homely n healthy dosawich!!!!cool idea..

  13. sent you a mail !!!

  14. wowwww this looks soooo yummyyy, feel like eatin it!!!

  15. I guess it is easier sometimes because you can experiement and make favourites but when you have to prepare food for your loved ones on a daily basis, it indeed can be challenging.

    I remember saying to my mom one day, "Gosh mommy, fish again?!" (lol)

  16. oh ISG, this looks just like 'stacked pancakes' I make sometimes for the kids... melted butter and brown sugar between each cake as they come hot off the frying pan, till it all melts together and when you cut into the little stack of 3 or 4 mini-cakes, it's just dripping gooey sauce. That dosai sandwich is bound to be gobbled up! :)


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