Saturday, September 29, 2007

Support Burma's peaceful protest for Democracy

The past week the news have been full of images of the peaceful march of the Buddist monks in the streets of Rangoon against the Military dictatorship. What started as a protest by monks has become a massive protest. The brutal dictatorship of the military junta for the past 45 years had brought untold miseries on the Burmese people.

While coming home from work yesterday I saw a passenger on the train with a placard which said, I don't remember the exact words but "Support the people of Burma", the word Burma caught my attention and started to talk, he was returning from a rally in front of the Chinese Embassy. China and India do not support the demonstrations in Burma, China and democracy we all know about that one, but why the terrible silence from India, shameful how quiet they have been. He asked me if I supported the movement "of course I do". I asked him what I could to to help.

I have a Srilankan Tamil friend who tells me "If you have any problems here you have a country to go to! Where shall we go?". This sentence has haunted me and I am thankful and greatful for my motherland but while bringing to sharp focus the problems of people like my friend. Someone very close to us is from Burma. They and their family members are refugees in countries like India, USA and others and increasingly tough for those still in their homeland.

Please support the cause of the People of Burma.
Visit U.S. Campaign For Burma to learn more about what we can do.


  1. no one wants to displease china, and they support the military dictatorship in that country. that's the root of the problem.

  2. I do, shall definitely visit the site

  3. Sure Bee, China supporting the pro-democracy movement will open a Pandora's Box back home.
    But why can't India? A case of mistaken priorities like the Economy!!!

    Thanks Sandeepa.

  4. I think we are all guilty of mistaken priorties, ISG, countries and individuals alike. Thanks for the enlightening link. I too have been following this in the news.

    And good on you, for standing up to ask what could be done. Maybe we as individuals can do little about this, or alot of other injustices... but collectively... well, you know. I'm proud to know you ISG :)

  5. Linda, living in DC, these things are in your face most of the time.
    So true collectively we cannot comprhend our own strength. Thanks Linda you are my biggest cheerleader, glad that I could do even my tiny miniscule part.

  6. I've been following the happenings on BBC and will definitely check out the link.

  7. Have been following the news on this, will check the link.


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