Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is it illegal for a woman to be President?

Of the USA? When an 8 year old asks you that question after reading through the list of Presidents and not seeing even one woman in the 43 and being primary season you cannot go without reading about it in the newspaper or hearing it on TV, Presidential politics is all around you, no matter what you cannot run away from it! I make a mental note to support and fervently hope that Hillary Clinton will become president. At this point I am not interested in her politics, her policies her agenda, if she is getting campaign cash from felons, cheats whoever whatever nothing matters. I want a woman to be president period. It is truly amazing, in the United States which stands first for many things and which is beacon for many countries, and fact this ought to bother if not everybody at least the 50% of the population.

Does it matter who is President? Absolutely it does! But how much worse can it really be? The last 6 years have not been a honeymoon for anybody (then again I maybe am wrong I keep forgetting Haliburton and the Big Oil, they have never had it this good!). We have seen our Civil Liberties erode, and the country turning fundamentalist, there is no clear separation of state and church. And what in the world does "Moral Values" really mean, and those moral custodians are lying, cheating, twisting the truth hurting people in the process, things for which even my Moral Science teacher (yes we had a subject like that in school till 12th grade) would have punished me for life leave alone the heavenly father. Infidelity is the last thing I care about when looking for a president. Maybe with a woman being president we don't have to worry about that useless fact.

I want a woman president and she well might gain back the respect and good will this country has lost. That would be sweet.

The timing is right, we have the first Woman Speaker and may be just may be the time is right for the first Woman President.

Several developing countries have had and are having Women Presidents/ Prime Ministers. Is it not time for the Most Powerful nation in the world to have a Woman President too?


  1. Shows how mature people of this country are!! I have heard American women saying they will NEVER vote for woman president because they are emotional!!!:P

  2. Feel for you, Indo! I remember supporting a woman candidate in college for students' union presidentship and had some boys coming up and sounding all indignant and hurt and telling me not to vote for a candidate just because she was a woman. And they even said that if something happened that involved the police, she wouldn't be able to handle it because none of the men would support her!

  3. Does it really matter ? For India I would have chosen Dr.Kalam over Smt. Singh any day.
    Is Benazir Bhutto free of corruption ?

    For a position like a President, just the fact that woman or a color or a minority should not be the issue I guess.

  4. Kalyn, we can always hope can't we?

    Asha, but they do like the fact when the president sheds tears when faced with tragedy.

    Sra, isn't this same arguement we have heard from immemorial but Indira Gandhi comes to my mind almost immediately to argue against the fact. She had guts (good or bad is a debate for another day) that no male prime minister to date has never had.

    Sandeepa, I would have supported Dr. Kalam over Smt. Singh any day, here the distinctions are clear as night and day. The Woman in this case had no qualification other than the fact that she was Sonia Gandhi's puppet, the same would have applied to Madam Gandhi herself during PM eletions. But in the US Presidential elections it is a lot different no candidate is clearly better than the other so why not elect a woman and the symbolism surely does not hurt!

    Shn, thanks

  5. Well France recently had a woman as a candidate for president. I was so for her (even though I can't vote since I'm not French) till the presidential campaign started and I realised her agenda wasn't as good as Sarko. A lot of people voted for her because they wanted a Socialist as President and a lady for President. For me, I will vote for the candidate who can run the country better whether it's a he or a she.

    I wish Al Gore would ran for President again. I think he would make a very good President for USA.

  6. Al Gore might indeed be a good candidate as far the planet is concerned. When I see the candidates that are in the running Hillary's policies and agenda actually look attractive.

  7. Anonymous commenter from Tuscon, AZ I chose not to publish your comment!!! Go Figure!!


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