Monday, September 17, 2007

Idli with Podi/ Idli with Sugar for lunch!

Is there any packed lunch that evokes memories of the good ol' days? Idli with Podi or Idli with ghee and sugar is that lunch for me. I am sure there are a quiet a bunch of us who carried it for lunch to school. Though I don't pack it for myself I do it regularly for DD. I have the mini idli pan which makes things a lot easier. DD does not much care for PBJ sandwiches or rice in her lunch box which leaves me with a very few choices. The trick is to pack a lunch that is nutritious and also seems like it is fast food. What better choice than Idli with podi, together with a cup of fruit or a yogurt makes it a pretty healthy lunch. Mom made some idli podi before she left to India. DD2 is very unhappy with the fact that grandma had to leave. DD1 has been subdued too.

Paruppu Podi
1. 3/4 Cup of Urad Dal
2. 3 Tbsp of Channa Dal (Kadalai Paruppu)
3. 3 Red Chillies
4. Few Curry leaves
5. Small piece of Asfoetida
6. Salt

1. Dry roast the ingredients one after the other, roast urad dal and channa dal till they start to turn color
2. Cool and blend to a smooth powder.

Tastes good with Idlis, dosais or steamed rice

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Idli with Podi/ Idli with Sugar
1. Cook Idlis.
2. Mix podi with ghee, (I usally use ghee or sesame oil), liberally apply on both sides.
3. For a few of them apply ghee on the idlis and then sprinkle with raw cane sugar.

Empty lunch boxe everty time.


  1. I love this items too.


  2. Indo, schools here discourage kids bringing any home cooked food, so it's always always Ham and cheese, pudding and Apple juice for my kids.I would LOVE to eat these Idlis, so fluffy and white!!:))
    Thanks for posting Podi,looks yum.

  3. I am trying to make my daughter like Idli...still trying :)
    It indeed is a good packed lunch

  4. ISG,

    My kids love Idli as of now. Am hoping it would last. Your Podi recipe looks quite simple. I am gonna try it this weekend (for what is a weekend without idli), just might add some coriander seeds to the mix,too. Mini Idli pan, hmmm. Another thing to add to the wishlist. [sigh]

  5. yum..cant live without them. My mom used to do the exact same thing for me for lunch and before I knew it friends from hostel would finish them. I always had an extra lunch box tucked away when I took idli & podi to college:)

  6. Idlli and podi....Is there anyone who would not like it? Beautiful pics. Reminded me of my mom so much. She makes this often.

  7. ISG, "Idli and Podi. " are Simplicity at its best.. hmm....
    What a co-incidence, I was about to post something about Idli's. Great pic & great recipe for the podi. I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  8. wow those idlis are looking so fluffy and im so hungry

  9. Indo you are so right - any packed as fast food is a winner :)

  10. yeah when i was in school we used to take idli with sugar for lunch sometimes. And my sister used to eat her idlis with chutney mixed with sugar ;-)

  11. I dont like idlis, not at all, but I am sure my husband will jump off his chair to grab some from your box. He just loves them. Awesome post.

  12. indo, thats such a bewutiful pic of idli coated with ghee n podi. i usually make few extra idlies so that i can tawa fry them in the evening with spicy podi and eat ;)

  13. Don't mind me, ISG dear... I'm just catching up. The idlis with podi and sugar would be yummy for kids' tummies, big and small yes? :)

    Hugs to the little ones missing their grandma... and the big gal too :)

  14. Hi ISG...podi is something I remember from my days down south in the late '70's. It was a staple in other kids tiffins, and beacuse we were from North India, we could never get enough! or some reason I didn't know what it was called, and when i saw your post, a flood of memories burst forth. Thank you for reviving my memories!!


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