Saturday, September 15, 2007

Answer Time!

Linda is getting impatient!! Let me out the answers!

ANI got the first one right - they are ripened bittegourd seeds. Lovely color right?
I loved Richa's guess candied apricots :)

Most of you guessed the second one as eggplant but you only get half credit :), it is a ripened green eggplant!


  1. BITTERGOURD seeds, my goodness!!! They do have fabulous color. Now ISG, are we going to see ripened bittergourd seeds dish in your blog next :)

    Great game! :)

  2. bitter gourd seeds....LOL....
    all i can think of in summer are the beautiful fruits that mother nature provides us with :)

  3. hey I missed the game, but the bittergourd seeds was a good one... :) you could serve it to someone as an April fool's joke, looks sooo delicious! :)

  4. bittergourd seeds :) i never have seen one looks very beautifull!

  5. Whoa!! Never would have guessed it.
    You let the Eggplant to ripe on ya!!:D

  6. Told you! I' not good at guessing games :)

  7. Oh.. I can't believe I got that right.. Simply love the colors...
    Good game.


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