Thursday, August 30, 2007

Simple Lunches 7 - Gongura Chutney and Brijal Stir Fry - Kathrikkai Poriyal

Gongura leaves pickle have always a favorite but I have never cooked with fresh leaves. I got another batch of long green and white eggplants from my neighbor and also an invitation to get some fresh Gongura leaves. The Gongura leaves became a very tasty chutney paired with some Moong Dal and some eggplants (round purple and green from my plants) stir fry made an excellent meal.

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Gongura Chutney
1. 1/2 Medium Sized Onion
2. 2 Red Chillies
3. 3/4 tsp cumin seeds
4. 1/4 methi seeds
5. a pinch asfoetida
6. 2 Garlic cloves
7. Salt to taste

1. Dry roast 2,3,4,5 and set aside
2. Add a little bit of oil, saute the onions till translucent add the garlic and saute a few seconds more
3. Add the Gongural leaves and saute till they are wilted about 7-8 minutes

Cool and blend

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Brinjal Stir Fry (Kathirikkai poriyal)
1. 10-12 firm eggplants sliced
2. 1/2 Onion Sliced
3. Seasonings: mustard, curry leaves

To Powder
1. 2 Red Chillies
2. 1/2 Tbsp Corriander Seeds
3. 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
4. a few Peppercorns
5. 1 tbsp Split Urad Dal
6. 1 tsp Bengal Gram Dal
7. 1 pinch asfoetida
8. 2 Cloves Garlic

Dry roast all the above and powder

1. In a wide mouthed pan, heat oil and add mustard and curry leaves.
2. Add the onions and fry till translucent.
3. Add the brinjal slices and saute till they start to turn color, cover with a lid and cook till they are almost cooked.
4. Now add the powder and enough salt.
5. Saute for a few more minutes.

Without too much oil this is one fry that tastes fantastic every time and when made with fresh egpplants they are truly astonishing.


  1. how lucky are you... gongura leaves...woh bhi fresh... this is too much!!

  2. Hey ISG - is the eggplant recipe your own or traditional? There is an eggplant subzi that a high school classmate from Kerala used to bring with dahi-bhat for lunch. I've been searching for that recipe forever...this seems to be like what it might be...

  3. simple, healthy and quick :-)

  4. What an inviting plate, ISG!
    I wish I were your neighbor too -- I would surely share my garden, especially when you cook up such goodies! :)

    The eggplants are beautiful. Next year I'm going try the small round variety. My Ichiban plants are still offering a fruit here and there, but my gongura didn't fare as well. I planted some among the tomatoes, but the tomatoes rather took over the space ;)

  5. Rajitha, sure I do consider myself lucky to have such good neighbors. (a pitch for myself, I water their plants when they are away)

    Anita, that was my mom's recipe, I have always relished it from the time I can remember. May be it is, mom does not remember where she learned it first.

    Raaga, sure is.

    Linda, I would have loved to have you as my neighbor, my neighbor is a great cook herself! I like the small round ones more than the long ones. Gongura needs a looot of sun I guess, DC area was blessed with some really hot days this summer. Tomatoes have the tendency to take over everything :)

  6. You've made me hungry! tomorrow I am cooking dhal and rice with curried duck!

  7. Can I come over for lunch Indo... that thali is tempting and looks great.

  8. My neighbour gave me some gongura leaves 2 summer back, didn't know what to do and she wasn't very helpful either so as suggested I cooked them in a dal

    Wish they had grown some this year too :) and then I would know what to do

    BTW I love the Gongura pickle

  9. what a lovely spread ISG!

  10. u got a good batch of eggplants this year!i haven't yet cooked with gongura leaves though i have been seeing it at our local indian store it a bitterleaf or watery like spinach?

  11. Cynthia, curried duck I am coming over!

    Prema, sure thing when do you want to come, I have permission so I will be ready with the gongura leaves.

    Sandeepa, well I don't know if adding gongura leaves is common but I prefer them just by themselves.

    Roopa, thanks.

    Shaheen, they have been (touch wood!) Gongura leaves are sour and slightly bitter. No they are watery at all.

  12. isg: where do get the seeds for green egg plants/small indian variety kathrikai. any ideas is really helpful! Can we use the ripened eggplants for their seeds!
    Thanks a lot.


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