Monday, June 4, 2007

Guessing Game 2. Revealed

What herb produces these beautiful flowers? A herb which we cannot live without.

It is Corriander!


  1. gee!! that must be Coriander!!!

  2. Indo
    My corriander plants are not coming at all, the seeds refuse to grow :( I sowed them directly in a pot. Please any clue ?

  3. coriander:) mine are in very bad shape...thanks to all these slugs and british weather:( grrrrrr....

  4. Cilantro.Looks different though Indo.Cilantro leaves are wider.I am bad guesser!;D

  5. cilantro? or is it parsley? may be dill?

  6. Thats Cilantro.. And Sandeepa, try soaking yr coriander seeds for 2 days changing the water twice a day. It worked for me..

  7. The leaves don't look like dill *or* cilantro as I know them, and I've never seen cilantro in flower but am thinking it almost has to be the answer :) Very pretty photo, ISG!

  8. Everyone who took a shot guessed it right.

    Sandeepa, Suganya has a tip on how she does it. I just threw a few in the dirt after rubbing them in the palm of the hand a few times. Thats what H's aunt who gave it to me asked me to do. They seemed to come out fine.

    Asha as Corriander matures the leaves turn thinner like you see here and then they start to flower.

    Linda, they turn pointy and thin when they mature.


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