Sunday, May 6, 2007

Simple Lunches - 2

Blog Anniversary
I have been blogging for a little over a year now though it does not seem that long. Rattled past my first blog anniversary and 100th post without realizing the milestones. So just taking a moment to acknowledge what a pleasant ride it has been. My culinary skills have improved, have learnt a great deal about different cuisines, variation in recipes that I know very well, free time better spent (though this is a topic of debate, I have been accused of being blog addicted and it is also a reason for flared tempers at home) and the last but not the least the friendships that I have gained, it has truly enriched and taught me a great deal. I thank and acknowledge everyone of you who take the time visit my blog and leave a comment. You make my day!

Weekends leisurely pace gives me time to cook something different from rice. Family complains that they eat rice almost every day. Making chappathis does not come naturally, it is not time consuming per se but I like to make them when I have time.

Another Cauliflower and Potato Curry


1. 8-10 baby potatoes boiled to tender and cut in half
2. Half head of Cauliflower cut into florettes
3. 1/4 Red onion roughly chopped
4. 5 garlic cloved smashed and roughly chopped
5. 1/4 ginger grated
6. 1 tsp turmeric powder
7. seasonings curry leaves, 1 tsp cumin seeds

1. about 1/2 medium red onion chopped
2. 1 garlic clove
3. 2 medium sized juicy tomatoes chopped
4. 1 tbsp chicken masala powder or
1/4 tbsp cumin powder, 1/2 tbsp corriander powder, 1/4 tbsp chilli powder

Saute the above in a little bit of oil cool and blend to a paste

1. In a wide mouthed pan, heat a little bit oil add the seasonings and when the start to turn color
2. add the onions and saute till translucent
3. add the garlic and ginger and saute for a minute more
4. add the cauliflower and turmeric and saute for a few more minutes about 4-5 minutes
5. Add the potatoes, ground mixture and salt, mix well.
6. Add a 1/2 cup of water only if you want a watery gravy(family likes to dip their bread in the gravy)
7. Close the lid and cook till the cauliflower is tender.

Serve with chappathis.


  1. hey congratulations on the first blog-o-versary :)
    gravy looks great! will do well with just alu as well, i guess!

  2. Congratulations my dear friend on the first blog anniversary and 100th post as well!:))
    It's always a pleasure to come here and feast on authentic food in your blog home.I am glad to know you and will be seeing you again and again and again!:))
    Have a great day and Aloo dish looks great,different from the usual masala.Yummy!Thanks.

  3. congrats, indo. i have followed your blog for several months now. i really enjoy it.

  4. Congrats! on the first Aniversary.

    The Aloo, gobi looks different and delicious as ever!

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! I recently discovered your blog and love reading it...
    BTW, that gravy's color is beautiful, it is so hard to achieve that perfect brown color, great job!

  6. Priya S&S5/7/07, 2:51 AM

    Congratulations dear friend !!! Your blog has always been great a source of inspiration.

  7. Hi ISG,
    Congrats!!!! on your first blog anniversary.Aloo gobi looks nice.Using chicken masala is nice idea.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Richa thank you. Yup would work with just alu or alu,cauliflower and peas.

    Asha, thanks dear.

    Oh Bee thanks.

    Roopa thank you.

    Sig, Welcome and thank you, you made me blush a little bit.

    Priya, great to hear from you. Thank you that is really kind of you to say. Come back soon miss the stimulation and enthusiasm your entries gave everyday.

    MT thank you.

  9. Happy Blogg Anniv !!! Please throw a party Indo, and parcel us the food :)
    It's been a delight knowing you and DD through your posts (haven't heard much about the 2 year old) and definitely your food too.
    BTW I had a question. From your food I thought you were from Kerala but you seem to be Tamil? Does cuisine overlap between the two states ?

  10. Congrats... I got inspired by your Methi :) I have methi plants in my garden as well now..thanks!

  11. Indo, Congrats!! on your anniversary. love your authentic recipes. keep posting.

  12. indosungod said...
    Sandeepa, sure why not? There are lots of similarities between the two and lots of common dishes but you can tell if you are around the area what are Kerela dishes and what are from TamilNadu but if you are not familiar with the cusines than it is harder to tell the difference.

    Aarthi I am glad to have been of help. How is the Methi doing?

    Thanks Reena.

  13. ISG, congrats on the 1st blog anniversary and for 100th post:) i guess i need to check how many i have posted till date;) girl, u r not the only one who is accused of blog addict by family;) well, they do get to eat so many delicous food on regular basis;) girl, u r doing a wonderful job and its pleasure to come here and read ur posts:)

  14. Congratulations!!!
    and celebrations!!! (remember that song? I think, it used to a commercial for campco chocolate in India, when we were kids.) Just got ingrained into me that everytime there's a congratulation in the air, it should be followed with some celebrations.


    May your blog, the recipes, the love and the friendships grow in leaps and bounds in all those years to come.

    And well, don't even think about the comments from our family - They are very much proud of our blogs and our cooking skills and our creativity. They're family. They will crib. Their comments on blogging don't count. :p

  15. Sia, give it a check reaching the 100 post feels kind of nice. Thank you, blogging gives me enormous pleasure H knows that but gives me a dig now and then.

    Kay, little Meers kept you busy eh? Remember the jingle real well but you have a good memory you associated it with Campco choclate! I remember eating those a few times but it never really caught on right?
    Thanks for all the good wishes. It is the friendships I treasure the most and that is the incentive to continue blogging.

    I know they absolutely love the new recipes and delicious food we cook. But ofcourse they have to crib and complain. If not for blogging they would not have tasted Puttu! My mom is visiting she said she is bringing the Puttu maker. I should look for the Srilankan red rice flour.

  16. ISG:
    Congrats on your blog's birthday! Its been nice "meeting" you. Your cauliflower sabzi with gravy is a nice change for me...we usually have ours dry.
    take care....


  17. Congratulations on the first blog anniversary and the 100th post. I come by regularly to look at the yummy recipes. Looking forward to another great year. The curry looks delicious.

  18. Friend, that is a good lunch recipe. I have taken this Aloo Bath also for my lunch. Keep posting more.. your style is different.

  19. hey congrats on the first anniversay..100th post ....great going ...I am a vegetarian , but your ur dish looks yummy

  20. Congratulations. You have put to words what I have been thinking about blogging. I have also learnt lots. I prefer blogging instead of watching mega serials and being couch potato. Aaloo and Gobi is mouth watering. I also make the same but, I like trying out various versions of the same recipe. That sometimes gives me the energy to cook. May be we are bored of our own cooking style. thanks for your version.

  21. Trupti thanks, same here lovely meeting you and the boys.

    chithu thanks and Welcome.

    Mandira thankyou, hoping to continue the journey it has been very eventful.

    Deepa, thank you and Welcome

    Mythreyee thank you. Yes yup the same basic ingredients but slight variations make it worth while. Ah the pleasures of blogging right?

  22. ISG, where have I been all week!! Congratulations on *100* and a happy happy blog anniversary to you!!! I can think of worse things we could be "addicted to" ;)

    Your was one of the first blogs I discovered, and I thank you for brightening my days with your quiet wit, lovely photos and stories, and most delicious recipes!

    Wishing you many happy returns, my friend :)

  23. Congratulations,it always feels great to celebrate anniversaries,be it a wedding anniversary or blog anniversary:) Hahahaha,saying that because i celebrated my first wedding anniversary on 7th of this month:)

    And i added a little paneer also to this curry,it did taste good.

  24. Congrats on ur anniversary ISG. Like asha said i always love to visit ur blog. cauliflower with aloo looks good..especially the colour...

  25. Happy anniversary, ISG! Congratulations! The aloo gobi curry looks really yum!

  26. hi Indo, wish you a very happy anniversary. being the 100th post must be making you feel great. keep it up.


  27. congratulations on ur bloggiversary. let me take a moment to pause and say how much i love reading and trying ur recipes.:)


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