Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Puttu and Kadala Curry

Hooray! I finally made it and wondering why I waited this long. I have longingly looked at all the blogs with the lovely Puttu and Kadala curry. But in the end it had to come to this to have me spring into action. The family complained loudly that they have been eating steamed rice for the past month and wanted something different. I am sure it has not been that long. I had rice flour and enough help from different blogs, to help me along the way. Puttu it was going to be. I also remembered Inji trying this without a Puttu tool and thanks to her detailed instructions.

Kadala Curry is something I cook often and eat with rice or chappathis mostly so eating it with Puttu was indeed different.

Kids loved eating Puttu with Sugar.


  1. i don't have a puttu maker neither. thanks for posting about this. i need to try this now. yours looks so enticing.

  2. I like puttu with sugar and coconut Indo.I have tried to make it once but didn't come out well. so I buy readymade puttu powder. Haven't tried puttu with kadala curry too. will take a look at inji's blog.

  3. Indo, I am just laughing now because I made Puttu and Black Kadala curry for dinner tonightand my daughter had it with banana, sugar and Ghee. So same pinch:):). I made it in Puttu maker.

  4. Hi ISG -- looks great and glad you finally got to make what you've been longing for! I haven't attempted puttu yet... one of these days! Kadala curry looks so tasty too :)

  5. YAY!! A real traditional Kerala combo.right? I love it and thanks for the link for easy puttu,I don't have that mould either.Thanks Indo:)

  6. ISG,

    What coincidence? I made kadalacurry for my weekend dinner guests. I froze the leftovers. I can make this Puttu (now that your experiment with rice flour is a success) and turn it into a weekday breakfast! WOW!

  7. Bee, I was wondering if I have to buy a Puttu maker but have decided against it after the success I had with this simple Inji inspired contraption.

    Prema, rice flour works fine (but this is from India though).

    Reena, daughter loved it too.

    Linda yes give it a try, it is very easy and got done in a jiffy.

    Asha yup after eating it on visits to Kerala now I finally made it.

    Vee, Kadala Curry get a special taste when you eat it with puttu.
    A Sauce pan, a strainer and a lid is all you need. Roast the flour a little bit that makes the difference.

  8. I am hearing about the puttu recipe first time.. need to try this ..looks delicious..


  9. superb...thanks for inji and to u for posting this.

  10. Don't know what either of them is...must be yumm if your family has been yearning for it. Shall go and check Inji's blog

  11. Photo is Simply superb.

  12. wow! i have puttu kadala in my fridge right now! hats off to u.
    ur kids might like it with steamed plantains sprinkled with sugar or with plain bananas.

  13. I love Puttu with Coconut and Sugar. I haven't even tried to make one though. Yours looks fantastic. thanks for sharing.

  14. this is something new for me. thansk for sharing ,will let u know when i will try it.
    thanks for sharing

  15. My all-time favourite!!! :) Looks soooo yummmy!

    Guess what? I have a puttu maker butttttt..... haven't made it even once with my own puttu maker that I was so eager to buy... shame on me! Your post has made me hungry for puttu and I've picked up a packet of Srilankan red rice flour. It says 'oora vaithu kaiyal idithu varutha sivappu arisi maavu). Perfect for the busy mom or a lazy mom, like me. :)

    hey IGS, buy a puttu maker someday...it's really so much fun to see the puttu in tubes. much more fun for the child in us. :) or maybe we can figure out a simpler way to make puttu in tubes.

  16. puttu made tamilnadu style is great.precooked rice flour [a bit coarse like rava ,steamed & dried can be used anytime] with grated coconut, sugar,cardamon powder & roasted cashews make it delecious.
    also.........mashed ripe bananas mixed with puttu is simply mouth watering .
    now for the best part ........pour liberal quantity of coffee [the one we indians drink at home ]onto the puttu & mix well .now u r ready to taste t food of t gods.......simply delecious .
    now what are u witing for


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