Friday, April 13, 2007

Show me your LunchBox

Meeta,Shaheen and the folks at The Daily Tiffin who by the way do a wonderful job on that blog have asked us to participate in the Show Me Your Lunchbox event. My lunch box is easy to pack, anything that will keep me from eating out is welcome in my lunch box. But the toughest (is that a real word? no time to look in the dictionary) is to pack a kiddie friendly lunch box, especially for someone like my daughter for who the process of eating rice is an arduous task by itself ,time consuming requiring constant prodding. So anything that goes in the lunch box should be nutritious but have a snackish quality.

Few items that I pack regulary, mini idlis with Idli podi/sugar and ghee. Green Peas,Corn and Carrot steamed with a little salt and Cream Cheese. Quesadilla (the all time favorite).

Contribution to Show Me Your Lunchbox

Todays Lunch Box Menu:

1. Cheese Quesadilla
Multigrain Tortilla (don't you love that) chappathis will work too
Pepper Jack Cheese grated

Heat the Tortilla on both sides in a pan
Spread the cheese and cover with a lid for the cheese to melt
Cut into wedges

2. Sliced Strawberries
3. Gogurt
4. Whole Wheat Baked Snack and Craisins (Snack)

Packed in a lunch box I got from India it keeps it warm and any side items can go on the lid on top. Neat box.


  1. Looks like great lunch for her.My kids eat in school or sometimes pack a ham and cheese sandwich with Apple juice.

  2. That a great lunch, for DD ?
    My 3 yr old too eats at school most days, somedays I pack lunch when I know she won't eat what is on the Menu.
    . They are finicky eaters at that age and I think maybe she will eat if she sees other eating same stuff

  3. Asha thanks. Unfortunately the school she goes to does not have lunch, so it falls on my shoulder.

    Sandeepa I see a question mark on your comment. Here I am trying to show off! Just kidding...

  4. Nice variety you have here. Looks wonderful. Thank you for your entry.

  5. This looks so cute and very creative.Looks very wonderful.i have also started a new blog nad the name of it is

  6. A healthy lunch ISG....with a lunch like that, I'd be set until dinner time.


  7. Great lunchbox, ISG! I wish I could get my kids to eat half that healthy. Looks beautiful!

    BTW, without going through all the comments on your previous post -- my own understanding of "decadent" and how we use it in my extended family as relates to food it would mean something like "too rich" or "indulgent" -- something like a treat. No negative connotation like in some dictionaries. I guess sometimes meanings evolve :)

  8. I don't pack lunch for my husband and Nish will be 2 soon so he stays at home:D.
    You I use to have same kind of lunch box back in India when I use to work:D.

  9. Hee,hee Indo..that's it, that's all you could do for her...just kidding :)

    The lunch is for DD ? Ok of course yes, the 2 yr old is not going to eat all that :)

  10. Sandeepa no this lunch for the 8 yr old, no lunch at her school. The 2yr old is actually a better eater than the 8 yr old.

  11. Thanks Linda, sometimes she does not finish the lunch but on the way home she finishes most of it.

    Shivapriya on my last visit I picked the lunch box only for D, next visit I should pick one for me too, they are so convenient.

  12. my son saw ur lunch box and wanted it for tomo's lunch, so thanks a lot for the yummy idea.nice one.

  13. i would love to exchange my lunch box with ur kids;)

  14. Hello :)

    Very nice lunchboxes :)
    I'm hosting this month Wholesome Lunchbox event and I would love to have your entry.

    Have a good day, Margot

    Wholesome Lunchbox event


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