Monday, April 16, 2007

Growing Methi

Thanks to the timely tips and how-to from Jugalbandi, I have my own homegrown Methi.

Thinking of what to cook with it....


  1. wow.. fresh methi... what r u going to make now? methi mattar malai? yummmmmm.

  2. i was going to say the same thing. there's are some good recipes out there for methi malai mattar. or in plain dal, or as a methi paratha. your methi looks lush and fabulous.

  3. oh wow... if u have them in excess try send me some;)

  4. Maneka and Bee I have never tried Methi Malai Mattar, time to try it right?

    Sia sure!

  5. Whoa!!! Indo,that's one huge bunch of Methi there!!Lovely!!I would like to grow some too.will throw some seeds today!:))

  6. ISG, Wow, I put my sprouts in just this week. How long did it take for yours to become so lush? I can't wai ttill I have a gamla full of methi :D

  7. that's a fabulous bunch of methi. so how about methi ka parantha:)

  8. Asha, do the soaking and sprouting bit and then throw them in the dirt, grows faster that way.

    Vee, you know what, this is a secret but I am going to tell just you ok, I sing to them every morning before the rest of the clan wakes up and my neighbor's dog never stops barking the whole time. May be the combination does wonders to my methi. On second thougth may be the colored juices might help too.

    Just came from Dining Hall after a hearty laugh from the "Dear Diary" and hence the above comment.

    Kidding aside it took about 3 weeks, I put them near a sunny window.

  9. wow, so lovely fresh methi.
    i envy you, my next turn to do that my first one just died as strong wind and rain :(. So next round i am going to keep inside like i do for my chilli plant as u do! :) thanks for the wonderfull photo to encourage the greed buds! he he

  10. LOL, if I hadn't read the last sentence, I would actually have sung to them in the morning. As for the other noise, the howl that my son makes when I wake him in the morning would suffice, believe me!

  11. Wow Indo...what a flourishing plant. Did you just put in the seeds that we use as spice. Do we have to soak them ? Do we have to wait for them to germinate or something before we sow them ?
    What songs do you suggest tahat we sing ;-)
    What if my neighbour doesn't own a dog, can I do the howling too ;-) ?
    Color juices first thing in the morning, do you do that :) ?

    At least answer the first 3, no kidding there

  12. Step 1: Sandeepa, you are out of luck, your neighbor does not own a dog!! Hmmm let me think now how about a cat or even a rabbit?

    Step 2: I pretty much followed Bee's advice in her column under the Sprouting. Yes the regular cooking methi works fine. Take a Yougurt container or anything with a lid, soak the methi seeds for a day. Rinse out the water. Close the lid and let them sprout, I left them for a couple of days. Take a flower pot fill with dirt scatter the sprouted methi cover loosely with dirt. Voila.

    Step 3: Sandeepa, color juices give me and the plants the jolt we need in the morning.

    Good Luck and let me know how your methi turns out.

  13. Hi isg
    the methi leaves are looking lovely!!

  14. hai...Cool methi looks so fresh .

    just think of a recipe to make

  15. Wow Indo,
    they look lovely.. U can prepare so many dishes with methi.. check out in our fellow bloggers site.After seeing ur fresh bunch of methi leaves I wish I could grow some too.

  16. OMG ISG, that methi looks positively LUSH!! Good for you! :)


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