Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Green Chana with Mangoes and Potatoes

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Green Chanas - I noticed them in the grocery store very fresh in their pods about 4 years ago, I looked at it for a while debating if to buy it or not. I did not buy it then but started looking for them after I saw Indira's post on them, but they seemed elusive, so settled on the Frozen variety. The dried Channa are delicious but the green ones have a special taste all their own.

1. 1 1/2 Cups Green Chana
2. 1 Onion Chopped fine
3. 4 garlic cloves chopped fine
4. 1/2 inch ginger grated
5. 1 Red Tomato
6. 1 Small Mango cut into small pieces
7. 2 Potatoes peeled and cubed
8. 1 Tbsp Corriander powder
9. 1 tsp cumin powder
10. 1/2 tbsp Red chilli powder
11. 1 tsp turmeric powder
12. Seasonings: mustard cumin and curry leaves
13. salt to taste

1. Heat oil in a Pressure Cooker add the seasonings, when the mustard starts to splutter add the onions and saute till translucent.
2. Add the garlic and grated ginger, saute for a few minutes.
3. Now add in the powders mix well.
4. Add the tomatoes and saute till soft.
5. Add the Green Chana, add salt and about 1/4 cup of water. Close the lid and cook for a whistle or cook for about 6-8 minutes till chana is almost cooked.
6. Now add the chopped Mango and Potatoes and cook till potatoes are soft.

Serve hot with Chappathis or Rice.

The crunchy Chana, soft potatoes and sour mangoes give it a unique taste.


  1. You and Sandeepa have been busy bees :)

    I love green chana... just bought 2 big bags so I shall try this soon. It looks great and I agree, green chana has a totally different, equally good taste. I hope I can get real green mango at the Indian grocery this spring. Nice to see you back :)

  2. I never added green chana to any sabzi before, love eating it raw though. I like how you guys use a lot of green mango in food.

    Do you have any idea why the Southern part of India emphasises on sourness in food, is it because of the heat ?

  3. Linda, it was more Sandeepa than me, she did all the hard work. I like the Green Chanas and the no overnight soaking part even better.
    I hope you do get raw mangoes Linda.

    Sandeepa, it is more the tongue than the heat I guess. Initially I wanted to add tamarind juice but decided against it and settled for Raw Mango instead. But that is a good question to explore.

  4. i usually have them raw mixed with red onion, tomato and lemon juice. never seen any of green channa here:( i remember having it very fresh from the plant itself. miss those days.
    if i ever get hold of bag of green channa then i am surelly gonna cook them with potato and mangoes, my fav veg and fruit. ah!!! i can almost feel its tangy and sweet taste.

  5. I do get green chana but dried variety.Dish looks great.Fresh tastes totally different than dried ones of course.Thanks for this Indo:)
    I will post today for Desi momz,check it out!

  6. Blogger ate my comment!

    I do get dry green chana but fresh tastes lot better.Your dish looks great,tangy and spicy!Thanks for this.
    I will post for Desi Momz later today!

  7. How nice that must taste, ISG! Never tried green chana before. Dunno why! With mangoes and potatoes, wow! That must taste awesome!

  8. mango in chana is new to me. sounds tangy-yum. i need tot try this. i saw that in one of the comments you mentioned using tamarind instead of mango. i think mango would taste better. won't tamarind bring too much sourness to the curry?

  9. sanjeev kapoor was making green chana chaat the other day and here u the black chana more than green so i will try with black.
    great going with the desi momz.:)

  10. ISG,
    I have tried green chana recently too for a get-together and got a seal of approval from everyone.
    I followed the butter paneer recipe and subsituted green chana for paneer. I am going to try your version next time.

  11. Never heard of this combo.Adding mango to potatoes is very new to me but sounds interesting, my mil makes mango and brinjal curry. Thanks for posting interesting recipe:)

  12. Indosungod,what a beautiful combo to relish...lemme know ,when you plan to make this again:)

  13. Sia I have not tried eating them raw, I will wait for the fresh ones to come during summer I guess.

    Asha, I actually noticed the dried green chana in the grocery store yesterday.

    Vani this was the first time for me too. Give it a try.

    Reena, that is the reason I settled on Green Mangoes instead.

    Shaheen, it will great with the black chana too.

    KA that is a great recipe. Butter Paneer I have not tried but butter Chicken yes and use Green Chana, excellent idea.

    Shivpriya I make sambhar with Mango and Brinjal but never as a curry, will have to try it.

    Lera sure will give you a heads up! You have something planned? Come on over.

  14. Hi Indo,
    I too saw Indira's post .... haven't cooked anything with green channa. want to try out sometime. I liked u adding mangoes to the chana.. good one Indo.


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