Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mommy Time, Daddy Time - Are we doing enough?

Two really good articles in the Washington Post

The thought of quitting my day job goes through my mind if not everyday atleast once a week. No wonder this article struck a chord.
Despite 'Mommy Guilt' Time with kids Increasing

Daddies are doing more than ever before with kids and around the house.
Fathers are no longer Glued to their Recliners


  1. Depends on each household Indo and each temperaments! Arvind is so tired when he comes home,he eats and sleeps on the couch!;D
    Weekends are better for us to interact.We don't feel guilty at all,that's our life,better accept it and move on and be happy.

  2. Hi, ISG. Busy week at work so I haven't had a chance to read the actual articles you linked to, but am saving them.

    My kids are older, and I was lucky to stay home with them when they were young. Meg was 9 when I went back to work. It's a tough balance, with many families needing two incomes and that's just to get along in a modest middle-class home, nevermind when it comes time to send the kids to college.

    I believe the kids know whether they are loved -- working parents or no :)

  3. it was a good reading ISG. its been over a year since i am married and i have already started worrying how to juggle home and work. with present workload by the time i reach home i am half dead. weekend gets over so fast with cleaning, washing, shopping. donno how it will be once we have kids.

  4. ISG
    I really agree with you and its a tough decision.
    I am amazed by how you mange 2 kids , work and blog so efficiently

  5. Asha I do agree with you but guilt is one feeling I don't seem to get rid of.

    Linda, that is true I guess the quality matters more than the quantity.

    Supriya you will find that having kids is most rewarding but no sugar coating it is hard work but once they come along you do manage somehow. Survival of the species I guess.

    Sandeepa, you do make me feel good. Its not so bad, DH does a lot of the kids stuff , so it is really a lot easy for me but even then the guilt creeps in. There is so many opinions going around that we may never be totally sure.


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