Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dupont Circle Farmer's Market and Paella

It seems like only a fortnight ago we were talking about how warm this winter has been, now I have no doubts that it is Winter and it is February. We were starting to get cabin fever and was time to get out and visit some places about town - Dupont Circle Farmer's market my favorite Farmers Market seemed like a good outing, stock up on the week's groceries, get some exercise and also sample some Paella that the chefs from Jaleo were going to cook up in the giant pan. We were all glad that we went. The kids had fun running around sampling the fresh fruits - apples, cheeses,cider and ofcourse the Paella. I had fun shopping some good produce potatoes, greens, apples.

Every cusine has its version of Briyani like New Orleans Jambalaya and Spains Paella. Even with the frigid temperatures there was a crowd to watch the Paella being cooked.

Fresh Produce at the Farmers Market





Baked Goodies

Tasted some amazing Apple Strudels

Paella in the Giant Pan
This was one of the yummiest Paella we have ever tasted. It was great watching the Paella being cooked and everyone got ample to sample.





  1. Oh My Goodness,ISG!!! I just loved it. Wish I could go too -- all those fresh veggies -- the mushrooms!! And that gigantic pan was amazing -- never seen anything like it! Glad you had a fun outing, and thanks so much for sharing the great pics! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures Indo!! Last one was mouthwatering! I have eaten Paella in Spain and they add LOT of seagood,clams etc.How lucky to be in that place to all the winter stuff.We get BBQ in summer ,that's about it.Thanks for pics.

  3. You live in a great place !!!!!! That open air farm market is great and the Paella, oh my god. Would love to have some of that

  4. Great picts! very Tempting:)

  5. thanks a lot
    you have made my day
    It great to visually visit some one elses market and you made it possible for me. I love to click markets too.


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