Friday, February 2, 2007

Beans in my Pantry

On Popular Demand here is the display of the beans in my pantry. Just kidding guys this one is for Inji and Sandeepa. I have always liked beans so when it comes to new varieties I am always game to try them. The Latino section in the supermarket has different colored, hued beans. The ones that I pick up at the Indian Grocery store are Chick Peas, Green Peas and Red Kidney Beans.

clockwise starting at Garbanzo (Chick Peas)
1. Black Eyed Peas,roasted (thattaipayir)
2. White Cargamanto Beans
3. White Northern Beans
4. Black Turtle Beans
5. Large Lima Beans (Butter beans)
6. Red Kidney Beans (center)

After all the beans I have been eating eating wanted to find a little more about the nutrition contents. I googled and found one which had the facts clearey listed.

1. Beans - Spillin' the Beans
but I also found out this was sponsored by a few bean Councils, companies like Bush Beans who had a vested interest in promoting beans. So I searched on and the information I found pretty much confirmed what I read in this website.

2. USDA Nutrition guidelines from How Stuff Works

3. Beans for Health

1. Soak the beans overnight if you forget, heat some water, immerse the beans in the hot water and let it sit covered for an hour or so.
2. Always rinse out the water the beans were soaked in, this water causes the gas.
3. Add ginger liberally for digestion


  1. Inspired by you I went and bought, black-eyed, mixed and one more don't remember, yesterday. Now only have to make them :)

  2. Hi ISH,
    Different collection of beans, I always buy 1 or 2 only.Very colourful arrangements. Thanks for introducing many types of beans.

  3. Beautifula display ISG..
    am waiting to see what you are going to cook now with all these beans :-)

  4. i think i am going to start calling indobeangod. BTW I tried ur adai and would like to post it. can i?

  5. Shaheen, "indobeangod" how about that? Hey you don't have to ask me go ahead I would love to see how yours looks. I do appreciate you telling me, hope it turned out good.

  6. How about indo be good? heheheh :)


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