Sunday, January 21, 2007

Vendaikkai Poriyal (Okra Stir Fry)

Lady's Fingers bring fond memories of childhood, nunching them raw and hearing advice from elders that eating lot of lady's fingers would sharpen your Math skills. I rarely munch on them raw here because of the slime. I either did not notice them when I used to do that back home or the ones we get here have more slime or most probably they are not as fresh. Anyway it is one of my favorite vegetables cooked in Sambhar, kara kuzhambu, puzhikuzhambu or poriyal the taste is always amazing. Here is a simple but a really tasty recipe for vendaikkai Poriyal. The amchur powder helps in getting rid of the slime quickly.

1. 1 1/2 lbs Okra
2. 1 Medium sized onion cut lengthwise
3. 3 green chillies slit
4. 1 tsp of amchur powder or 2 tsp of lemon juice
5. 2 tsp Sambhar powder
6. 1 tsp turmeric powder
7. seasonigs, cumin,mustard,urad dal, curry leaves
8. 1 tbsp oil

1. Wash the okra and let them dry or pat dry then slit them in half and cut into lenghtwise strips.
2. In a saute pan heat half tbsp oil, add the urad dal when they start to brown add the cumin and mustard seeds, when they start to pop add the onion and saute till they turn brown. Add the green chillies.
3. Now add the turmeric powder, salt and amchur powder and mix welll.
4. Add the cut okra and mix them well.
5. Lower the flame and let the okra cook, the okra start to turn a dark green when they are cooked. Do not over toss the okra they get more slimy.
6. Now add the remaining oil, check for salt add the sambhar powder and let them cook for a few more minutes.

Serve warm with Rice or with chappathis.


  1. hi first here this time...nice dish...piture is beatifull

  2. the okras look ready to be eaten... perfect with parathas!

  3. Looks great Indo,easy and yummy recipe.I love Okras.I always fry Okras seperately and then add to the dish.Love the taste!:))

  4. Hi ISG,
    While frying I add 1 tsp of curd.It will remove the stickiness and to retain green colour. Your curry is perfect for rice and paratha. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi ISG, yummy okra, my favorite!! I wouldn't mind a bowl of that for breakfast... will try this next time I have a fresh supply. Thanks for sharing -- love the pic!

  6. Hey I love okra too, but never tried eating them raw.
    I grew okra last sunner and There wasn't enough to make a proper veggie dish but we would pick okras and fry them with lime juice squeezed on top almost evry other day

    Your okra dish looks great, shall try this way with sambhar powder next

  7. I love Okra! this is another dish i got with okra, simple and healthy too ! A must try for me :) . thanks for tip about amchoor powder.
    Thanks for sharing this too :)

  8. i love vendakkai but cooked not raw :-)like MT I too add a tsp of yogurt. your poriyal looks lovely

  9. Hey Indu,
    Its my favourite vegetable anf that too with red onions, uh! nothing like it with hot chapatis, ghees wali. WOW! The pic is very beautiful.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. came across your website while surfing. You have really nice recipes. I love stir fried okra them

  11. cutting okra in a different way impressed me vrry much and the dish looks tooooooo gud thnx for sharing!!!

  12. I love okra! This poriyal looks really yummy and must taste delicious, ISG!

  13. Hi Indo,
    Sure ladysfinger brings childhood memories. I remember sticking the head and tip of the ladysfinger in our faces ..
    simple and neat recipe. will go great with parathas. thanks


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