Sunday, January 7, 2007

It is January really, Time for a Smoothie .....

Early Saturday morning opened the door to get the newspaper, usually run out bare footed and by the time the paper is retrieved from the end of the drive way and back, my legs are freezing and my ears are starting to hurt from the cold. But not on saturday opened the door to a blast of warm air and it was already 58F and expected to reach the 70s it made it to 73 and the last time it did that was way back in 1950. Something to do with El NiƱo and the warm air from the Pacific being trapped as opposed to the brrr cold air that blows in from Canada. And that is fine by me and a good opportunity to be outdoors. We went to Great Falls which is on the Potomac.

I have professed my love for DC and the Potomac river is an important reason why. Waterfalls and rivers amaze me no end and probably why Victoria Falls is one of the places that I want to visit really bad. Yup! I have visited Niagara Falls a few times 4 to be exact and was awed every time. I am lucky that my family also shares this love of water and watefalls. So a visit to Great Falls was on the cards. I think half of the DC suburbs also had the same plans, it took about half an hour to enter the Park but Boy did it feel good or what?

Families strolling along the path which runs along the C&O Canal and spectacular views of the Potomac along the way. Did'nt want the day to end because it was going to get 20 degrees colder the next day and it is. Kiddies each collected a bag of pebbles and had fun running, skipping, and the ageless game of throwing stones in the river..

Do you spot the lone what we think is the Great Blue Heron shot by DD

And to quench our thirst, some homemade Fruit Smoothie. Banana (2), Apple (1), Mixed Berry(1/2 cup), Milk (1/4 cup) sweetened with Honey and topped with Frozen Yogurt.



  1. I just finished seeing Al Gore's movie on Global Warming. Have u seen it? U would understand a lot more of the weird climatic changes after that!

  2. Indo,photos are gorgeous!!:)) But not as gorgeous as your fruit smoothie!YUM!!:)

  3. Hi ISG,gorgeous photos,and smoothie looks great too!

  4. Asha, ViniK thanks the smoothie is delicious, do try it.
    Shaheen I might have sounded cavalier in the article but Global Warming scares me too, have not seen the movie, want to soon. I drive a hybrid, take the bus and train whenever possible my teeny weeny part ...

  5. You had a great weekend Indo. This seems to be a beautiful place, shall go down in Summer maybe
    The smoothie looks very very pretty in pink

  6. Awesome Photography. A good writeup too.

  7. Hi ISG! Photos and story of your day at the Potomac were grand! I love waterfalls too -- I have some photos of Michigan waterfalls for you to see sometime :)

    It will take me a week to cook up all of your recent goodies. Spinach sundal and spinach potato are right at the top of the list, but first it will have to be mor kozhambu :)

    Thank you for the kind mention in your meme, ISG. I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year!

  8. this pics are great!
    i just keep looking at each for some moments.:)
    good idea of making smoothie with those ingredients ! shall try it some time .
    thanks for sharing

  9. Priya S&S1/11/07, 11:39 PM

    Beautiful pics Indo !
    Love berry smoothies. And frozen yogurt sounds YUMMM !

    Thanks for tagging me for the meme and nice words abt my blog. I have been really busy for couple of weeks due to my trip to India this month end and relatives visiting us, and thats the reason cudnt reply earlier. Shall try to blog about the meme before leaving to India.

  10. Sandeepa sure did, you should visit DC, let me know when would point towards some really nice places.
    TRS you are welcoms and thanks for stopping by. I have visited yours too, great going.
    Mythreyee thankyou.
    Linda welcome sure missed you, hope you had a great New Years and holiday too.
    Pooja, welcome I visited your blog you have a great one going.
    Priya, thank you, have a great time in India and play along if you have the time. Are you planning to blog from India, that would be fun!

  11. hai indosungod
    me first time here..interesting are looking great..


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