Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sinfully Delicious

Look at these deep fried Chicken Wings and legs from the Lancaster Dutch Market. Enter the store and the smell are delicious and there are long lines for their fried chicken and Pretzels which they cook on the premises. I go there mostly to buy vegetables, milk, fruits which are fresher than any grocery store. They also have delectable baked goodies. The whole store smells amazing. The Apple cider tastes out of this world. Don't go there specifically to eat the chicken but invariably buy some.



  1. amish owned ? I have never visited a dutch farm market before

  2. Shaheen they are not spicy but they taste so fresh which is the appeal.

    Sandeep yes, it is amish owned.

  3. yep, you are right, these are sinfully delicious,looking fwd to see more such sinful delicacies.....:)


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