Sunday, August 27, 2006

This and That

I realize that my Daily Musings have become Weekend Musings. Result of changes happening at work about which I am not really sure what to think. Good or Bad? Better or Worse? One change that affects my time the most is the commute. I used to be able to work from home, making may be couple of visits to the office in a year but now I have to actually go to an office do work. Saving on the commute time gave me time to do several things like blogging... I still might have some flexibility but what can beat working from home. Why these changes? because we were bought out.

Guess the Vegetable?
I know I put the seeds for this one but I am not sure what vegetable it is? Can you guess?
Think the vegetable is actually a fruit, it is cantaloupe, as it is growing bigger I am able to recongonize it. Daughter saved the seeds and I must have put them in the garden.

Snake Gourds
The Snake Gourds finally came...


Kerala PrawnPepper Fry
When I saw Kerala PrawnPepper Fry on Indian Potpourri I wanted to try it out. Everyone loves shrimp so this was one easy decision. I followed her recipe as it were, think I added a lot more shallots than necessary, cut down the heat little bit I added only half the chilies and pepper powder and also added a tomato to tone down the heat for the little ones' sake. It was really wonderful and everybody thoroughly enjoyed it.



  1. that looks like an eggplant?and wow, ur padavalanga looksawesome. expecting some new pada. recipes from u.

  2. Green egg plant or cucumber??? Bottlegourd looks so nice--- looks like the ones available at the Grocery stores:)

  3. Shaheen and Priya thank you, I think I know for sure it is not an eggplant, the plant is a creeper with yellow flowers like pumpkin but the flowers are not as big as those of pumpkin. It could be a cucumber but I have never seen a cucumber this shape. Maybe it is moolambalam (dosakai).

  4. HI,
    I think it is Rock Melon.
    Your pudalanga looks so fresh.

  5. thanx for trying the recipe...and happy to know that u liked it...guessing game...I'm so poor!! You give me the vegetable,i'll cook u a curry!!

  6. Indo,
    Is that Parwal?
    Btw, your snake gourds look nice & healthy.

  7. ISG
    My guess is bottle gourd..
    Garden fresh snake gourd.. wow you are lucky!

  8. Is it ashgourd?
    Wow! All your veggies are looking so good.

  9. Looks like watermelon. If your daughter had it, then it must either pumpkin or watermelon !! schools sometimes send watermelon seeds in a tub ,so they can learn about them, my son did last year! Hope you will tell us soon!! Nice garden you have :)


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