Thursday, July 27, 2006

Meme: 10 Things I miss of my Mom's cooking

Pushpa of PuSiVa'S CuLiNarY StUdiO had tagged me for this Meme. This being my first meme did not want to let it go without answering. When I got around to seeing this meme I was on vacation and actually enjoying my mom's cooking. Now that I am back and missing her cooking thought it was perfect time. Thanks Pushpa I can now walk through memory lane and take a peek at my favorites.

1. Fish Fry and Fish Curry - actually took pictures while she was making.



2. Paal curry kuzhambu with dosai - a watery curry made with coconut milk and tastes excellent with dosai, this curry is regualar in my ammayi's (mom's mom) home also.

3. Mor Kuzhambu with vadakam

4. Mutton Keema with chappathi - Minced mutton

5. Chicken Curry - used to be a regular item on sundays when we feast on this and watch a movie

6. Puzhi Chutney - Chutney made with dal and tamarind, it is usually helps in a pinch when there are no vegetables but this is a dish I yearn for.

7. Panniyaram and Coconut chutney

8. Thakkali Rasam Tomato Rasam

9. Potato Podimas - With grated coconut Yum.

10.Idly Uppuma - made with leftover or sometimes even fresh idlis.

Most of these dishes are what we eat everyday but bring back memories and a longing for home like no other.

PS: Looks like the Indian government has lifted the 'Block on Blogs' and my mom is again able to see my blog.


  1. There is somehting special to the way things are made back home, thank you for posting these photos ISG. Will you post your Puzhi chutney recipe sometime.
    Thank you

  2. The list makes my mouth water:)

  3. Fish fry looks absolutely delicious!

  4. Hi ISN,

  5. archana, thanks, will post the recipe soon, its really simple.
    sumitha and KA thank you.
    Vineela that made me very happy too.

  6. The fish curry looks delicious !!

    Can you post recipes for Paal Kuzhambu and chicken curry if possible.

    And love those" manathakkali" plant. My mom makes kuzhambus with these, never tried chutney though. Shall mail her the recipe. She would love to try it :)

  7. Priya, sure will post it soon Paal Kuzhambu has been long pending one

  8. I had to swallow my saliva many time as I couldn´t stop drooling at those fish fishes. I need fish NOW!!!!!

    I hope tat u´ll blog on all those food listed.

  9. hi, just saw your blog....I am really surprised to see so many wonderful blog posts with mouthwatering pictures.Keep more of these coming .


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