Thursday, July 20, 2006

GBP 2 - The Gourds

India Blocks Blogs
I am pretty pissed that India chose to join the infamous group which has in it some really ugly members like China, North Korea, Iran .. who think censorship is the answer to everything. Isn't there a better way than this to keep a watch over the criminals and elements who are hell bent on doing harm. I am with you blog friends in India and lets us hope the Indian government sees the futility of its exercise.

And now to my GBP 2.

GBP 2 - The Gourds
First and foremost I have to thank my friends H and V who watered my plants daily. The garden looks better than if I had taken care of it. The plants are all fruiting and ready to be picked. Pavarkai tastes great when picked fresh like this and it is not as bitter and being a big fan of puzhikuzhambus I decided to make Pavarkai Puzhikuzhambu. Not sure if tamarind is good or bad for health I mean, some say there is no harm because after all it is a fruit, others say it is not good. If anybody has thoughts on the benefits/ill effects of Tamarind would love to hear.

Podalangai - Snake Gourd Flower (no fruits yet)

Pavarkai - Bitter Gourds


The pandhal for the creepers that I am proud of

Pavarkai Puzhikuzhambu (Sweet and Sour Bitter Gourd)

The recipe I used for Pavarkai puzhikuzhambu is the same as for Kathrikkai puzhikuzhambu here replacing the kathrikkai with pavarkai. Saute the pavarkai till soft. Add 1 tbsp of jaggery or any kind of sugar towards the end. The next time I get a batch of pavarkai I am going to give KrishnaArjuna's Spicy bitter gourd powder a try.


This will be an entry for LG's Green Blog Project.


  1. Hi,

    Nice garden! How did you get padavalangai & pavakai seeds to plant? I looked for them here (CA) but did not get it. Also, how did you make the pandhal? Sorry for too many questions, i'm a newbie in gardening.


  2. Shruti thankyou, pavakai and podalangai seeds have to be soaked in water for atleast 24 - 48 hrs before you put them in the dirt. You might not be able to find seedlings. Like some of our blog friends have also mentioned is a good place to get seeds. The pandhal is easy enough if you have an extra pair of hands to help you. I got four fence poles and a tomato cage and put the cage over the fence poles and they made a perfect pandhal. I will get some pictures and post them.

  3. Wow ! you are growing podalangai and pavakkai ? They look so good. Nice recipe too.

  4. Hi ISN,
    Nice kakarakaya(telugu) pulzikozhambu looks tasty and nice photos.
    i will make this in house .It is agreat combo for rice.

  5. you!!! hehehehe.. I think by the time I visit all gardens for the round up...i will go crazy with happiness.

  6. Now i know why you decided not to spill out the flower's name , in LG's last guessing name. Fabulous work ISG, you are indeed a greenthumb, thank you for the recipe.

  7. Wow ISG you came back from India and started cooking already?? Nice garden BTW..

  8. Pavakkai lucky!I love bitter gourds!


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