Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back Again and Homesick

Coming back after a trip to India is like the after effect of watching a good thriller movie, can't believe how the time went by so quickly in a blur. India is as always full of surprises, contradictions and irritations even for someone who lived for 2 decades plus of my life there. The thing that strikes you most is how busy people always are, it is a misconception that people in the West are busy and don't have time for anything else. Prices of everything has gone up, the traffic is bursting at the seams with an array of new cars every day. People are so aware of everything that is going on around the world and it was to fun be there in the midst of Football(soccer) fever. In Cricket India after losing the one day series managed to win the Test Series in the West Indies and everyone was happy that the home team was doing good. It is palpable this happiness. The thing that scared me most was the traffic on the roads and having to travel on them though I was not the one doing the driving. Now with all the cell phones, people use them even when they are riding motor bikes in the chaotic traffic.

It was fun visiting my childhood haunts especially my maternal grandparents home. Cauvery river where we used to swim and have so much fun was dry for the past years was in all its glory again.

Cauvery River




Swimming Pool?
The well where I learnt to swim and my daughter having a great time



Tamarind Tree :

And my favorite, the tree that supplies the tamarind that I bring with me here.


Poovar Island

We visited Poovar Island in God's Own Country - Kerela. Where the backwaters meet the Ocean beautiful.






  1. Hi ISN,
    Hey i know your name?
    good to see you back and hope you enjoyed a lot and waiting to see your recipes and garden snaps soon

  2. Beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your trip

  3. Hi ,
    Welcome back. Nice pictures!!!

  4. Welcome back.... After every vaccation trip back home i am miserably homesick. Loved your photos, just loved it !!!!

  5. I am jealous,really! You dont know how many times I visited your blog yesterday and kept staring at the pics!!! Esp liked the swimming pool..I could feel the cold water..

  6. Vineela you do?
    thanks guys, nothing like home.

  7. Thanx for sharing the biutiful pix. Wish I get a chance to visit these places.

  8. Hello, and thank you for the lovely photos and story you shared! I really enjoyed reading this. There is something special about putting your feet in home water, I know :)

    best wishes from new england.


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