Saturday, May 27, 2006

Looks Who's Visiting

We are BirdSitting (Minnu) for the weekend for our neighbor. My older daughter thinks we should buy one for her. She has been hinting and talking about pets so much that is has left us wondering if we have to give in and visit the Petstore. So when our neighbor asked us if we would birdsit for the weekend we readily agreed, what would be better a experience than this to see if we would adjust to having a pet around and if my daughter thinks she still wants one after the weekend.

He/She not sure of the gender is a free flying Parakeet but only inside the house, so we have to be careful about keeping the doors closed lest he flies out and we also trying to keep all food closed, not keen on added spices. My youngest who still is learning to speak insists she has to have a bird view at all times or she starts "Minnu Run".


  1. Hi ISN,
    "Minnu " is nice name.Looks beautiful.

  2. oh wow! what a cutie she is! Get that poor child of yours a pet pleaseeeee!!! children bond with animals sooo good and it serves like an anti-depressent for them.

  3. lg, I know I know have to get her a pet... we sure do miss Minnu, luckily the friends live close by so the girls go and visit her everyday

  4. "added spices"!! I love your sense of humor!


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