Saturday, May 13, 2006

Farmers Markets

May 27, 2006 - Local Farmers Market Visit

A warm sunny day on a long weekend was a perfect day for some early in the season Farmer's Markets visiting and shopping. This will also be a submission to the Farmer's Markets Worldwide Parade cohosted by Cooking Diva Melissa. Till a generation ago my family members were farmers hence this is a topic dear to my heart and had blogged about it earlier. When I saw the link to Farmer's Market Worldwide Parade Event on Mahanandi I wanted to participate. Most open air Farmers Market in this area (Washington D.C and suburbs) do not open until June and the widest variety of fruits and vegetables found during July and August. Most of the Farmers Market around the area sell produce that have been locally grown. There are a few which are open as early as May, so armed with a camera and an enthusiastic helper we went Farmers Marketing.

Main Streets Farmer's Market, Kentlands, Maryland is a small open air market in the newly built Kentlands town center and is open on Saturdays between 10AM - 2PM May thru Mid October. This early in the season there are spring greens, vegetable and flower plants and a few fruits and vegetables. We also found a stall selling wooden furniture. It is close to home and parking is usually not a problem.




Locally Made Furniture

Taking the camera over while I was shopping and chatting up with the farmers my daughter made sure every stall was covered.

We also visited the Rockville's Farmers Market in Rockville, Maryland. We found apples, seasonal greens, vegetable and flower plants and also a bakery stall with yummy baked goodies. We munched on cinnamon chip scones(the first time I have tasted them) while walking around the market.

This summer when we visit my hometown in India, I want to add pictures of farmers markets there called Uzhavar Sandai which are noisy, crowded, chaotic affairs compared to the orderely and organized atmosphere of the markets here in the US. But I loved visiting those as a child and am looking forward to taking my daughters there.

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  1. Beautiful! Loved it all---thank you for joining the event. A bug hug from Panama :)

  2. This is a great post! Do write more like this,please.


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