Friday, April 28, 2006

Pasta ( no tomato sauce)

Need I say the family loved the Chicken Curry, but I should have mentioned after adding the Chicken pieces add 4 slit green chillies, the Chicken Masala powder usually has the following ingredients.
Corriander seeds
cumin seeds
cinnamon piece
red chillies

dry roast all of them and powder them in a blender, I use a coffee grinder.

Today it is going to be Pasta (Whole Wheat Fusilli)
Cook the pasta with olive oil and a cube of bullion (Chicken or Vegeterian)

Now take a pan and add a little butter, I like cilantro leaves but parsley would work too and cooked mixed vegetables, for taste I like to add Thai Chilli paste.
Now add this to the cooked pasta and mix. I am tired of eating Pasta with tomat sauce, this seems like a good alternative. Credit goes to my friend who gave me the recipe.

I wonder how many of us even think about the sacrifices the troops and families are making in this unnecessary war. I want to spend a moment to think about them. I saw a hummer on the road and a lone passenger driving it. What a waste and what obscenity!

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  1. That's exactly what we were thinking in the morning Indo.How many ppl are thinking of Veterans this weekend?! They are all at the beach today,sunning themselves.Sad.
    Best Pasta dishes are made without tomato sauce.Add olive oil,garlic pd ,fresh basil,salt pepper and some Kalamata olives,yum!!Tastes great with salad and Garlic bread.
    Your's sounds delicious.Have a great weekend.(I happen to think Hummers are UGLY!):D


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