Friday, November 2, 2018

Goats in the Farm and the visiting goats

The goats have been on the farm for about a year now. We got 4 Kiko goats all does September of last year. They were about 6 months old when they got here. We got a couple of bucks earlier this year. Along with the 2 bucks came 2 small does who were 3 months old. Cute little things.

Our herd - the one in the front is the buck!

The visitors have arrived - the 2 white goats but with tan and black just near the head

The does and the bucks spend time on separate paddocks. The first set of does are now mature enough to start reproducing. So in early October, the smaller does were moved to a separate paddock and the bucks and does were put in the same pasture. Now we have to wait a couple of months to see what happens.

Getting to know the new visitors

While the does do not have any bad odor there is no mistaking a buck. They have that odor that will make your noise wrinkle.

One big happy family

Otherwise these goats are fun things to watch. They are playful but for the most part take good care of themselves. Have to supply fresh water and their minerals. They also love the treats we take them. They are strong enough to put their forelegs on us an push us down if we are not watchful.

A couple of does from our neighbor's farm have also come for a tryst with the bucks.

Sometimes there is head butting :)

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