Friday, August 1, 2014

Grain of the Week - 31 - Golden Flax Seeds

I still remember the time that flax seeds were the new superfood and everybody was telling me how they were incorporating it into their everyday meals. That was when I went and bought a pound of it and it has been in my pantry ever since. The Brown Flax Seeds have already been showcased in the Grain of the Week.

I regularly add some to make Idli Podi. I have added powdered flaxseeds to muffins and cakes. While there is debate between which is more nutritious golden or brown, I bought the golden seeds because they are much more attractive looking than brown. In the final analysis there is not much difference in nutrition between golden and brown flax seeds.

Flax seeds are high in fiber and since the demand for flax seeds has gone up, the area under cultivation also has gone up. While the brown flax seeds are grown for commercial industries like paint, golden is mostly grown for human consumption. Source. Flax seeds are also fed to chicken for better eggs with more omega 3 fatty acids which flax seeds have plenty of.

I also learned this little tidbit that most brown flax seeds are grown in Canada and golden flax seeds are grown in the US. Though the health benefits of flax seeds have not been established by research, Flax seeds are supposed to offer prevention against cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Be it brown or golden you should consider adding flax seeds to your diet. It provides much needed fiber that all of us need in our diets. Consider adding a tbsp to your breakfast be it cereal, muffins or pancakes when you make them at home.

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