Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grain of the Week - 20 - White Chia Seeds

Till a couple of months ago I have never tasted chia seeds but now they have become my favorite. A spoon of it goes into my morning smoothies. Desserts get an addition of chia if possible. Soaked in liquid they acquire a gel like quality which is the texture I like best.

I had showcased the black chia seeds before in the Grain of the Week. The white seeds looked pretty and hence bought them this time.

Chia seeds were domesticated in Mexico as early as 2700 BC and was the staple diet of the Mayan and Aztec people. It is high in fiber and is also rich in Omega Fatty Acids. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals and rich in Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc.

Though Chia ground into powder is another popular way this can be used. Powdered form of chia does not provide the texture that I am fond of. If you are like me and prefer the gel like texture of the soaked chia seeds do not blend them while making smoothies. Add it after the smoothie is prepared and let it soak for sometime before eating it.

I have tried a couple of recipes both of which are a favorite now.

Mango Smoothie
Vermicelli Payasam(Pudding) with Almond paste

Dear Readers, any recipes that you will like to share?

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