Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kids Lunch - Bread and Omelette with Cheese

Did you know that chewing bubble is good? Not something to be annoyed about when it gets repeatedly chewed on and blown bubble with?

When you are in the checkout aisle and those little hands reach for that shiny box of bubble gum don't tap it away. Chewing gum is supposed to boost brain power! No I am not making it up because I get succored into buying bubble gum a lot more than I would like. It is the truth based on research done by a team of researchers at St. Lawrence University. Don't trust me still? Check this link here.

Though my kids seem to chew a bubblegum for like forever(?!). I guess I can chill now that I know its going to make them smart! That must have been some fun research!

Anyway I cannot pack that for lunch so the recipe for today is an idea for packing a kid friendly lunch especially if cold cut meats is not something that your kids are fond of.

If you are like me and struggling to pack lunch for your kids you need to take a leaf out of the Indian boarding/hostel menu items like I did. Huh? you say. Let me explain. I have been at a couple of hostels and a boarding school by that time I finished my schooling in India. Every one of them had bread either on their breakfast or dinner menus for one day of the week. They were served with jam in one of the places and a runny curry in another. That curry still gives me nightmares even to this day. Anyway the best had always been bread and egg combination. My friend loved eating bread with a bulls eye a.k.a sunny side up and that is one of my favorites combinations too. The other much loved combination is bread with omelette - like it is made back home with onions and green chillies.

Who would have thought that would be the combination that is a sought after packed lunch for school. Easy for me to do. The difference here is no onions and green chillies but cheese. Whole wheat, multi-grain or jalapeno bread bought from our favorite Amish market all work great.

Bread and Omelette with Cheese
Preparation Time: 2 min
Cooking Time: 5 min
  1. 1 egg
  2. 2 slices of bread
  3. 1 tbsp grated cheese (I like using Pepper Jack Cheese)
  4. salt and black pepper to taste
  5. oil spray or a dab of butter
  1. In a small saute pan spray oil or spread some butter and break an egg on it and spread the yolk with a spatula.
  2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook on one side, flip and while it cooks on the other side spread the cheese on the cooked side and let it melt.
  3. Nothing like toasted bread, so spread the bread slices with butter and toast them on both sides.
  4. Place the omelette between the 2 slices of bread and wrap it in a paper towel first and then with foil.
There lunch is ready.


  1. Wow i want that, filling sandwich.

  2. I didn't know this info about bubbles, but then i don't know if it is true as i used to eat so much of them during the chooldays and my brains didn't work :-) I am not a huge fan of cold omelette, I would though goble up this the minute it is made .

    1. Finla, you are funny.

      The kids seem to like it much better than other sandwiches so it works. They have hot packs for lunch boxes hopefully it will keep it from getting really cold. Good point thought I never thought of that part.

  3. Interesting tidbit about chewing bubble-gum... I only liked to chew until the flavour was there and would soon get bored of it and haven't introduced it to my kids yet... this makes me reconsider :)

    That omelette sandwich looks great - must make for a fuss free, filling lunch.

    1. I do the same thing can't chew after the sweet is gone. I don't think you want your kids blowing bubble in the face smart or not smart :)


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