Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kongu Foods - An Essay

Sailaja of Sailu's Kitchen needs no introduction. Lady with amazing array of talents and her food blog is got to be one of the most popular Indian food blogs out there.

She contacted me to write about Kongu Cuisine for her India Food Trail food series. A series which show cases regional cuisines and specialties.

Everyday Lunch (anti clockwise) - cabbage poriyal, puli kuzhambu, rasam, uppu paruppu, curd and rice

Please head on over to Sailu's Kitchen to


  1. Loved reading your post Indo, we visited Erode, Pallipalyam and few other places on our India trip this year. We enjoyed a lot most particularly the simple flavorful food.

  2. love our regions menu dear

  3. Enjoyed reading about Kongunaadu foods, ISG. Nicely written.

  4. What a completely delicious essay! You really fed my love for learning about regional Indian food.


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