Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chocolate Fudge with or without Nuts

Were you also among the millions who spent close $1.5 billion as of last Friday to take a shot at the $640 million mega million lottery? The odds were one in 176 million or something outrageous like that but we all took our chances. Someone in MD did win but unfortunately it was not me :( I wasn't planning on playing but my cousin from Florida called to ask me to buy a few because his state was one of the few that were not part of the mega million.

I am not a regular lottery buyer I do buy whenever the jackpot is huge and everyone is talking about it. How about you all? Do you play the lottery regularly or occasionally?

Though there was no winning involved when we decided to make these delicious fudge which are ready in a blink of an eye really. For a sweet and chocolate addict like me these are a god send. Just a 1 inch square is enough to satisfy my sweet cravings for the day.

I was in 2 minds about adding nuts and kept going back and forth so decided to add just a few instead of half a cup. Almonds and chocolate go so well together so next time nuts are going to be added in larger quantity. Nuts or no nuts these are delicious.

Chocolate Fudge
1. 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
2. 1 lb of chocolate chips ( I used a combination of Dark chocolate mini chunks 70% cocoa and chocolate chips semi sweet 45% cocoa)
3. 1 tsp of vanilla extract
4. 1 tbsp of butter
5. 2 tbsp of roasted coarsely chopped almonds (optional)

1. In a sturdy non stick sauce pan add the chocolate chips, condensed milk and in low medium flame melt the chocolate.
2. Add in the vanilla extract and the butter and let them melt together (about 4-5 minutes or 8 minutes max)
3. Add in the nuts if using and mix it in.
4. Line a square cake pan with wax paper and pour out the melted chocolate mixture.
5. Refrigerate for about 2-3 hours or overnight.
6. Once cool cut into squares.


  1. Shucks- I was hoping the MD winner was you- and that maybe you would give away a couple of millions on the blog ;)

    I've never bought lottery tickets or played slots or anything. Not a risk taker at all, even not for a few dollars. But the fudge looks 100% wonderful.

  2. never bought a lottery ticket...but my hubby believes in palmistry a lot and he keeps on insisting that my good time is getting wasted and I should buy a huge jackpot ticket. may be should not leave this chance of becoming millionaire :-)
    the fudge looks tempting. nuts are no nuts these are always a winner.

  3. Sorry to have disappointed you Nupur :) Of course I would have given away a few on the blog ;)

    The thing is everytime the lottery bug bites we would probably be better off putting the money in the bank even if the interest rate if paltry.

    Sayantani, give it a shot or you will never know!

  4. I love the deep dark color of the fudge!

    We also talk abt buying when it's a very big no... but didn't do it this time... though quite a few of our friends bought several tkts.

  5. I wish you won and given me some. I have never bought one and never will.
    Fudge looks delicious!My daughter would love to have them.

  6. We buy lottos every now and then and specially without forgetting when jackpot is high. no luck so far hehe

    I am going high blog hopping today and I completely forgot that I should have not done it empty stomach !!! Your chocolates fudge pics are killing me Indo !!!
    Wonderful post :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Now, I have to get to the store to get the ingredients!

  8. Super delectable fudges..


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