Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spicy Potatoes with Tomatoes

As with everything in life there is always unintended consequences. After seeing and reading a lot about factory farming and the ill treatment of animals I started paying close attention to where I buy meat(chicken) and fish. I also started avoiding buying chicken in most grocery stores and buying them only at our local Amish Market. The meat there is fresh and also the hens are raised in a humane way.

The Amish Market is open only 3 days a week. We occasionally buy goat meat (mutton) but not enough to replace the reduction in chicken and the intake of fish reduced because of the fear of mercury poisoning and other factors.

We were considering slowly moving to becoming vegetarians.

All of this changed when I was forced to visit a doctor because of sudden feelings of fatigue throughout the day. I have not been to one in 6 years. The doctor did all the required tests and the results showed very low levels of Vitamin B-12 the vitamin that is readily available in you guessed it meat products.

I researched B-12 and learned that it is an essential vitamin for several important functions of the body. I was put on supplements and also advised to include diet rich in B-12.

Well now we are conscious of eating avoiding meat instead of avoiding meat like we were. Ironic isn't?

The change in diet and the supplement has helped immensely.

Even with all of this we are still predominantly vegetable eating family and potatoes plays a prominent role in our diet. The thing is it is quick to whip a tasty dish with a minimum of ingredients when potatoes are involved.

Spicy Potatoes with tomatoes
1. 10 - 15 baby potatoes
2. 1/2 cup of onions sliced thin
3. 4 garlic cloves sliced thin
4. 1/2 tbsp of ginger
5. 2 tomatoes blended
6. 1/2 tbsp red chili powder + 2 tsp turmeric powder
7. 2 tsp coriander powder
8. salt to taste
9. 3 tsp of oil
10. seasoning - curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds
11. 2 tbsp coriander leaves

1. Boil the potatoes till they are tender, peel and slice the potatoes
2. In a pan heat oil add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves
3. Add the onions, garlic and saute till the onions are translucent
4. Add ginger and saute for a minute or two
5. Add in the turmeric powder and chili powder and saute till they mixed in.
6. Add in the blended tomatoes and cook till the raw smell disappears. I added about 1/2 cup of water and let it cook till the water evaporated.
7. Add in the potatoes and salt and continue to cook till the oil separates.
8. Add the coriander leaves and turn off the heat in a minute.

Serve with some soft chapathis or with curd rice.


  1. Curry looks delicious,.perfect with chapati,..:)

  2. Eggs and sprouts are a good source too. Love that mushy look of the dish .. I'd love to have it with puris or parathas. :-)
    Hope you are well now ISG.

  3. Have you seen the documentary Food Inc. It is quiet an eyeopening. It is depressing how the vegetarians are also affected. Although organic and local harvest are options available, by large I am left uncomfortable with the many unknowns.

    Thanks for the recipe.


  4. Love potato curries like this, looks super yumm;

  5. Ah yummy! love it along with puri and dosa.

  6. simple yet delicious curry..


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