Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last minute Chocolate Cake Revisited

Heart feels heavy and I am sure most of you all feel the same way too. Humbled by the ferocity of what nature can do.

The kids wanted cake any cake, this cake came to the rescue appropriately named 'last minute chocolate cake'. The original recipe is from Ruth Reichl's book. Almost the texture of a brownie with a very chocolatey but not too sweet taste.

Elaborate recipe is here. I added chopped walnuts and skipped the orange juice. Raisins or currants would be a good addition too.

Takes less than 20 minutes to do the prep work. Bake and voila, cake is ready in an hour.


  1. Visited the post for the chocolate cake, what lovely color and richness your chocolate cake has! Beautiful and tempting picture to match too.

  2. Delicious chocolate cake, beautiful!

  3. It looks delicious! Yum!!!

  4. can't bear to see the ferocity of the disaster.
    how come i haven't tried this? tomo!!

  5. I made this a few years ago from her book, and the recipe says to bake at 300 degrees, which was clearly the wrong temp. I noticed that your recipe says 375. I've seen it written over and over at 300 though! I loved the flavor and want to try again, but not sure what temp. Did you try it at 300 first? I like your addition of nuts. Hazelnuts would be good too.

  6. Lentil Breakdown,
    No I did not. I got the recipe from the book and it must have said 375F because that was the temperature I used both times.


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