Monday, July 5, 2010

Onion Pakoda (Spicy onion fritters)

A tiny fly got into the house. Well not all that tiny slightly bigger than a regular fly but smaller than a bumble bee, called buffalo fly I think. Anyway he was behind the curtain and on the window buzzing away and driving me crazy. I charged after it and my madness stopped only after I got it out of my ear shot and out of the house. Phew!

I just can't imagine how the fans are putting up with the sound of the multitudes of vuvuzelas as they are supporting their favorite soccer teams. The buzzing sound still rings for a few minutes after watching a game on TV. I can't even imagine how it feels for all those who are watching the game sitting in the stadium, maybe it does not matter when your favorite time is winning. My favorite team is Germany for now but the team I support rarely ever wins (well that is not true they beat Argentina in the quarters) so let's see how Germany fares from now on.

What do you do if you have guests over during the early evening hours around tea time but your creativity leaves you? These onion pakodas worked perfectly for us. Step into the yard, dust a few chairs, hand the slotted spoon to your friend, spread a few snack plates around to the others, heat oil in a pan and get to business. The snack gets done very quickly and the process of eating and waiting keeps everyone from the youngest to oldest engaged.

This scene always reminds me of times in my ammayee's (maternal grandmother's) place where deep frying was done in the work kitchen which was different from the main kitchen of the house. The work kitchen was the one where all the deep frying and those tasty snack items were prepared. We hung around near the verandah (open courtyard) while enjoying those tasty pakoda, bajjis and vadais came hot off the stove.

In the picture below of my maternal grandparent's house, the main kitchen is to the left and the work kitchen(for lack of a better term is on the right). The house the location of much happiness for my cousins and myself, sadly has been under lock and key the circumstances of which would make a good story line for a mega serial or two.

Before I forget, thanks for the wonderful ideas for using those tart cherries. Thokkus, chutneys , shakes - possibilities are many.

The final few pakodas that were left made it into the picture.

Onion Pakoda
1. 2 cups of besan (chickpea flour)
2. 1/2 cup of rice flour
3. 1 tbsp red chili powder
4. 2 cups of onions cut into thin slices)
5. 1-2 tsp ajwain (rubbed slightly between your palms)
6. 1-2 tsp cumin seeds
7. 1 tsp salt (taste before adding more)
8. 1/4 cup of water
9. Oil for deep frying

1. Mix in the besan, rice flours with the chili powder,salt, cumin and ajwain seeds.
2. Add the onions, and sprinkle water and mix it together till they hold together, stop when they are slightly crumbly if you want crunchy pakodas, or a bit more if want them closer to bajjis.
3. Heat oil in a pan, when hot drop the onions drenched in flour scattering them in the oil so they don't stick together.
4. When they turn golden brown take them and drain them on paper towels.

1. If you want the pakodas to be crunchy with a longer shelf life sprinkle water as you are making the batter/dough. Check here for the texture of the dough.
2. A bit more water and they are more closer to bajjis.
3. Add the onions in the last minute. If they sit too long the more watery they get.


  1. Sigh..that looks like a lovely house steeped in memories. Sad about the closed house..

    The bajjis are scrumptious!

    For some reason I thought you had changed some things around on the blog!

  2. Oh, this is one of my favourite Indian snack! Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  3. We just made these yesterday evening, love them with some filter coffee by the side and raining outside :)

  4. Lovely pakoras! These were the best with a cup of tea in the evenings. I recently made it according to rakskitchen's blog. Little flour and hot oil made a huge differnce and when hot and crip they were challenging the store bought ones. Give that a try for "the-less-bajji-like" version Indo!

  5. Onion pakodas with a cup of coffee, my fav snacks...beautiful fritters..

  6. It is ages ago i made them; looks so so good.

  7. Very clever to segregate the mess and smell of deep-frying away from the main kitchen! The pakodas look so good.

    And my head is absolutely buzzing with those vuvuzelas too- going quite mad with that sound.

  8. Bah! we were rooting for Argentina and now that they are shown the door, I think we are calling it quits :-((
    Love to have onion pakoda any time any day.

  9. My husband never stops until he gets the fly out of the house too and tries the funniest things to drive it out.

    Onion pakodas are a hot favorite at our place too... yum yum.

  10. My husband never stops until he gets the fly out of the house too and tries the funniest things to drive it out.

    Onion pakodas are a hot favorite at our place too... yum yum.

  11. I love to see those "native place" and "ancestral home" photos - because I myself have a modern "ancestral home", if you can call it that.

  12. Miri, absolutely about the house, many stories yes.
    Maybe you were on the blog when I was playing around with the template perhaps?

    Anh, you are very welcome. Let me know if you give it a try.

    Parita, rain and pakodas. Made for each other.

    Nirmala, will take a look and give it a try soon. My friend's mom makes it with wheat flour.

    Priya, thanks.

  13. Soon HC soon. you can't leave that much of a gap between making pakodas!

    Nupur, absolutely, they were smart people our ancestors.

    RC, not so soon, no problem switch your allegiance to Germany and you cam be back in the game.

    Laavanya, I can totally understand that, anything to get the annoying thing out.

    Sra, so true. I can't get enough of them. Sad part is a lot of them are lying around locked and unused.

  14. the pakodas look lovely! The best part of the recipe was the secret tip "hand the slotted spoon to your friend." I love this great idea and will use it from now on.

    It almost got lost between the lines. Almost. ;)

  15. Hi ,

    SIGH>>>>>>I just want to reach o ut the have one crunchy mouthful...its one of those comfort snack items tat we never really get enough of..


  16. it is so nostalgic to see that picture of lovely house.. reminds me of my Aaji's house (which was sold and I learnt later, tore down, after my grandfather died).

    Bhujia sounds perfect though.. give me some tea and my evening will be all set!

  17. Favorite snack, looks delicious.

  18. Yum yum pakodas. It rained again today ... but I'll take a rain check on this ... have been deep frying a lil too much this monsoon. ;-)

  19. Onion pakoda are my fav. Looks so delish!!!!.... YUM!

  20. makes me think of my ancestral home too..
    great pakoras..we add mint as well

  21. Hmmm.. Interesting. Let me try one of these. Look yummy. Thanks for the idea.


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