Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spciy Brinjal Curry aka Brinjal Sherwa

I bet you have heard of Free Range Chickens but Free Range Kids? It was the name that got me reading this article. As for the lady who run this website she's after my own heart. At DD's insistence we were watching ET, as for me did not need much insisting, love watching the movie, would have watched it atleast 5-6 times. During the scene were the older brother and his friends drive ET around in a bicycle, we(the adults) were discussing about how kids usually know the nooks and cranies in their neighborhood. But stop that was while we were growing up not today, kids might not know even their own backyards, no wonder the above mentioned article hit a chord.

    Green Earth
    Are slugs green? I am not talking about the garden slugs, those mollusks that move every so slowly eating plant but about slug-lines, the commuting solution to HOV lane regulation, high gasoline prices and the ever clogged roads. Listening to this article on NPR this morning - something that is good for the wallet and good for the environment. What more can any one ask. As for the garden slugs away from the plants they play a very beneficial role in the garden by recycling organic matter.

Brinjal Sherwa
I chanced upon this blog written by Malar Gandhi called Kitchen Tantra. If you are non-veg fan head on over there for some amazing briyani recipes. Well what sent me to the kitchen almost immediately was this brinjal dish called Vellore Mullu Kathirikkai Serwa. Pretty much followed the recipe but the scallions.


1. 8-10 Brinjal cut lengthwise with the stem.
2. 4 tomatoes chopped fine
3. 1/2 Medium Red Onion chopped
4. 5-6 garlic cloves chopped fine
6. 1 1/2 " ginger grated
7. 2 tsp chili powder
8. 1 tsp turmeric powder
9. seasoning: pepper corns, methi seeds, curry leaves and mustard seeds
10. 2 tbsp tamrind extract from a small grape sized piece of tamarind
11 1-2 tsp oil

To Powder
1. 2 tsp methi seeds
2. 2 tsp cumin
Roast the above and powder (in a coffee grinder)

1. In a kadai heat oil nad add the seasonings and when the mustard seed starts to pop add the onion and when translucent add the garlic and ginger and saute for a minute or two.
2. Add the brinjal pieces and saute till the brinjal starts to turn color
3. Now add the chili powder, turmeric powder,salt and the tomatoes.
4. Mix close the lid and let it cook till the tomatoes turn mushy.
5. When it is mostly cooked and the brinjal is soft add the cumin and methi powder.
6. Mix, check the taste and switch off the heat.

Serve with rice. Tastes great with chapatis too.


  1. Hi, ISG. That's quite an initiative on the "Safe Routes To School" website. In some ways I think that's great -- in others I feel sorry missing the days when we were kids and walked to school without need of a huge organization, kit, and 12-step plan in place. At times I am guilty of overprotective parenting, but I do wonder -- do we live in a more dangerous world now, or do we just hear more about the dangers that always existed, with technological advances and the instant information superhighway of the 'net? Good food for my thought tonight, thanks.

    And also thanks for posting this brinjal sherwa... my mouth is watering at that photo :):):)

  2. Tamarind and brinjals do go really well together! Thanks for this tangy, spicy delight!

  3. yeah those were the days!...even now when I go that place, I remember the many cyclying trips I made and knew every single we dont' have a backyard that kids can play in soil nor do we allow them out! very sad indeed!..thats a nice site..will be checking it out fully for THE biryani..:)...and this curry has got a nice colour!

  4. Except the methi seeds powder, i make it the same way.It is a regular side dish for biryani!

  5. this looks yummy nd spicy,..

  6. Hey ISG, I always learn something new at your blog- it was fun learning two new terms today: free-range kids and slugging! :D
    The brinjal dish looks so appetizing.

  7. Ooh! Indo, you are killin me ith tose Brinjals, you know how much I love them, will try this as soon as I get some. I have planted six of them and they are growing very well!:)
    Love Malar's site too, she posts almost everyday!:)
    Have a great movie watching weekend. You know which movie we are watching this weekend! :D


  8. sooooo delcious!!love this veg...nice photo.

  9. ISG, I am on their website now... reading about the "free Range Kids" :) the brinjal curry looks delicious. I bet tamarind added that nice tanginess to it.

  10. Linda, maybe a bit of both. But the 24 hour news cycle with its emphasis on overblowing everything does not help either. The phenomenon is not confined to the US either, back home too it is not as common for kids to be playing outside. Smaller families with one or two kids who are pampered with toys(electronics) that do not encourage innovative play and the ever present fear :(

    Musy, glad to see you back. How are you doing? Please write a post or two. Miss you.

    Valli, I was just saying it is the same story in India, unless you live in the village. (the very reason love going to my mom's mom's place, river, farm, fruit groves sigh!) Yes the site is fabulous one.

    Cham, I guess it is common to make them but I tend to stick to just raita most of the time. Love the curry.

    Divya, yes if you love spicy, this is it.

    notyet100, it tastes as it looks(though my picture in that faded light does not do full justice).

    Nupur, glad to hear that. Free Range Kids - what a fabulous idea right.

    Asha, I am looking forward to pictures from your garden. Love looking at them. I put them out last weekend and the weather turned chilly, keeping my fingers crossed +

    I knew you'd be heading over there this weekend. Wathced the trailer when we went to watch Iron Man. DD wants to see the 3 earlier Indys :)

    Ranji, thanks and welcome here.

    Mandira, yes the tamarind gives it that kick.

  11. Hi...
    That was a Yummy recipe... looks so good...Loved the color of the dish...

  12. Love the color of the curry, ISG!

  13. ISG, wonderfully tasty looking brinjis!!

  14. thanks for this meaningful post! And your brinjal curry really tempting, got to try somedays!

  15. delecious eggplant curry ,love it

  16. Indo, I lurk on the Free range kids website too. Finally there's a name to the way I parent.

    Kathrika Sherwa looks so yummy. I'm going over there to check out her biryanis. :)

  17. Kay, that is heartening to hear. I try to encourage free rangism but not successful always.

  18. The color of this dish is awesome, Indo. Considering that I'm an eggplant freak, this is totally up my alley! :)


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