Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why I Like Summer! By DD

Summer is almost here, I can smell it in the air. Wake up hearing the birds sing. Makes me want to sing and dance. Really... And DD wrote a poem. Here it is ....

I like summer because there is no school.
I like summer because I can jump in the pool.
I like summer because it is hot outside.
I like summer because I can surf the tide!
I like summer because we can go to the beach.
I like summer because we can play card; 13 cards each!


  1. HeHe!! Don't we all want to do those things?!! Hot summer and cold Ice Cream,yum!! oh! summer movies and so many good one's too:))

  2. Yes I love summer too Indo.. I can hear the birds singing and its getting hot outside lovely isn't it?...I love it because we dont need to wear jackets..can get rid of them for a couple of months!!!!

  3. She is quite the rhyming poet! Congrats to her!

  4. That is so sweet. All of us like to do the same. Summer is the time when adults become bachchas:)):))

  5. he he he...thats so cute... D really knows how to write poem:)
    wish i can rollback time and become a kid again:( i hate to sit in office ans work during summer:(

  6. Thats a sweet poem by DD !!! A poet in the making :)

  7. Talent runs in your family, ISG! So happy spring is here at last; summer can't be far behind :)

  8. Yes I love summer too....

  9. i like summer because i can be cool.
    i like summer coz i can grill
    i like summer coz i have a garden..


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