Monday, March 12, 2007

What's your personality? Type A or B

Picture taken by DD during our India trip

Verdict: Based on my unscientific polling Type B's have it.

Driving home from work today I was listening to WAMU 88.5 (our local NPR station) and heard this news bit Tell your boss you'll be in later on Marketplace and it sounded pretty interesting. The group called the B-Society is fighting to get "Type B" people accommodated in the workplace. If you can't read the page in the link its because it is in Danish. They feel that the world is partial to "Type A" people. Have you had early morning meetings and looked around the room? You can quickly spot the Type As from the the Type Bs. Type As are the perky attentive ones and the Type Bs are the ones struggling to keep their eyes open holding on to their fresh brewed cup of coffee like a lifeline. Have you had late evening meetings and done the same thing? It is the reverse this time it the Type As who are nursing their favorite caffeinated drink.

It is natural, everybody has a preference some perform best during the early morning hours when it is quiet and peaceful and everything is starting to come alive, some like the hustle and bustle of the late morning when the world is already into a rhythm, some like it late at night when it quiet and peaceful again but the outside world is sleeping.

I am clearly a Type A, I am an early morning person meaning I perform better before the hustle and bustle starts. This is I am guessing, wearing my pseudo psycho analyst hat on - is probably because my fore fathers were farmers. But it is a healthy mix of both types that make this world function smoothly. It also sure makes it a more interesting place to live in.

So dear readers what personality are you Type A or B?


  1. That was a good one.
    After my daughter was born I have become TYPE A when work is concerned, I come to work pretty early, avoiding the rush hour traffic. And I like it because when i come in its quite and serene and I can leave earlier and be home for the better part of the afternoon & evening

    But actually I think I am a TYPE B person. In my previous life (before S was born) I used to think its sin to go to bed before 1:00 at night. I always used to study late in the night and get up late in the mornings.

    So though I am a TYPE A on weekdays now, I do miss being TYPE B and I compensate by going to bed late on weekend and then getting up late

  2. Hi ISG
    Very interesting post.I too a type A person.because i want to finish off my work as early as possible so that i can find time for my daughter as she will be with me the whole day.On weekends also i will do the same thing for spending time with my hubby..:-D Before my daughter born also i used get up early and get ready by 6 in the morning even though i am not working.May be that is because of i have been at my inlaws house.again:-Dhee hee..

  3. HeHe!!! I don't have choice but to be type A in the mornings and then in the afternoon for few hours, I can be completely Type B!!;D

  4. Type B --- (3 negatives):)
    I think I really wake up only by 4 in the evening :)

  5. Sandeepa and Asha I know kids force you to become Type As. Spring is here and you get to enjoy the sunrise birds chirping....

    Swapna I am glad I have company, usually think I am one of the few "weird" out and about early in the morning.

    Inji I knew it, you are a night OWL.

  6. Really Interesting Post!!Basically I am a Type B,Now also when my kids are having Vacation I am Type B and Type A on other days.All the things in ur blog are really interesting!!

  7. Good one Indo.Iam clearly a Type B person.. Hate to get up early in the morning.. I do not get up easily before 7 am and I sleep very late at night ...I cook everything needed the previous day itself, that makes morning times a bit easy for me.

  8. Hi ISG, don't know why I couldn't see this new post until this morning (when I am up early being Type A! ;) ). I think we adapt to current circumstances to some extent, but sometimes I think can't quite help our own body clocks. For the longest time I couldn't go to bed early and would struggle to get up early again in the morning to get kids ready for school etc -- now they're old enough to fend for themselves, I am up before dawn! Irony? Lovely photo, btw :)

  9. Hi ISG, That's an interesting post :). It would be best to classify people and utilize their potential when they are most active and productive. Nice to know ourselves in such fun ways.

  10. hmm. i am type A. definitely. wide awake and so full of ideas in the morning but i burn out by evening!but i had th eimoression type A personality refers to a hyper person who gets stressed pretty fast.

  11. kitchenfairy thanks for stopping by It is kind of interesting but not surprised that are more Type Bs than A's.

    Linda that it I asked my blog to hid itself to Type Bs unless they come here early in the morning.

    Pritya, thanks for stopping by, do you have a blog, there is no link in your comment...

    Shaheen, you are right, that is what Type A refers the super sure personalities so it was interesting to read about the different Type As and Bs

  12. Iam Type B....very very nocturnal...if u ask me to sit till wee hours for a boring work...i wud be alert like it's the damn great thing in t world...but if u ask me to read a paragraph in the early morning...I wud go weird...!! Guess wat, my husband is type A and am Type B.. he neve understands why i feel so bored and sleepy in t morning and fresh and alert as it turns dusk...he he..poor boy!1


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