Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Terracotta figures and Nobel Peace Prize

Terracotta figures create by road sides artisans in India have always fascinated me. They are posh enough to fit in showcases, most houses in India have these cupboards with glass doors where each family displayed their favourite photographs and artifacts collected over time. Earthy enough to make me feel at home when I see them here. I saw them in my aunt's cupboard and I purchased a few them to bring with me and I am glad I did. My uncle gave me the Vinayagar figure.
On a recent trip to Grand Canyon and while visiting Arizona we came upon an Navajo Indian reservation and the terracotta figures were the first to attract me.

Daughter made a terracotta turkey when she was in preschool.

Nobel Peace Prize
This year's Nobel Peace Prize went to Mohammed Yunus of the Grameen Bank which gives microcredit to poor women in Bangladesh. An inspiring story. My friend came over to show me the Nobel Prize clip and the Indian dance (Bangla dance?) that was performed during the Nobel Peace prize awards ceremony. The ceremony itself was great. Wonder why the American media never shows the Nobel Awards Ceremony on prime time, while it is mostly Americans who win prizes in the Sciences, Economics most of the time. All other Nobel Prize Cermonies. She is Swedish otherwise I would have never chanced upon this. This site is in Swedish but the news clips they have here are very high quality.

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12/13/06 9:25 AM Eastern Standard Time


  1. Beautiful figurines! I love Terracota things.I bought some Native American artifacts in Arizona too.

  2. I love teracotta too, I always thought they were cherished only in Bengal. Your daughter made such a nice figurine that too in pre school wow.
    The Noble Peace Prize was awarded to Md. Yunus (sp ??) a Bengali from Bangladesh, so the dance might have been Bangla. Shall see the clip once I am home

  3. Asha, Sandeepa are'nt these terracotta figurines wonderful.

    Sandeepa, you are right it did go to Mohammed Yunus, yes a Bangladeshi. You will enjoy the clip and also his speech.

  4. Priya S&S12/14/06, 10:01 AM

    Awwwww That is a very pretty turkey :) What is the nose made of ??

    Love those figures esp the cute little elephants !

  5. What do you mean? "boring" stuff like Nobel peace prize when they can show Miss America peagants..
    oops..sorry life stories of poor clothless women! :) :)

    those terracottas are a cutie!

  6. Hi ISG, thanks for sharing your lovely collection! Love the terra cotta turkey your daughter made, too :)

  7. I am a big fan of terracota too !your collection looks amazing.

  8. ISG, the terracotta turkey is the cutest ever! Hugs to your little one!

    And, I love the reclining Ganesh!

    You get terracotta clay at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael's, if you or your daughter are interested in trying your hand at it. I think the non-toxic kind is called Marblex. Check it out!

  9. Have you tried painting those teracotta figures and pots? Try it. Its fun. I have posted few photos of pots, for figures are on the way.


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