Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanks for the Simple Things in Life

Meeta, thank you for this wonderful thanksgiving opportunity. All parties have guests who turn up late. I am one of those. But I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks.

Driving to work, I get frustrated with the bumper to bumper traffic and fume at the car that cuts in front of me when I have been waiting forever to merge. Come home turn on the TV or glance at the newspaper and see the sufferings of the people in Sudan, Iraq, Burma and I am absolutely Thankful that the traffic and mundande things are what I have to worry about.

Thankful to two great countries that I can call home.

Thankful for my parents, my mom who drops everything and comes here when I ask her to, my dad who deals with things back home to keep the ship running. Thankful for my inlaws who in the midst of their busy life come here to help me out.

Thankful for my grand parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, neices, nephews whom I take for granted and now that I am far away from home miss dearly.

Thanks for my brother who has been there for me always, and my cousins who live in the same continent as I do.

Thankful for my neighbors who have helped more than I can ever thank for, Babysitting, playing watchman, gardener, cook, they have done it all.

Thankful for my colleagues at work who have gone out of their way to help me a regular telecommuter accomplish my work.

Thankful for my friends and ofcourse I can never thank them enough, who make me a better person.

Thanks for my babysitter who always comes on time so I can get to work.

Thanks to blogspot for this free blogging space in the Cyber World.

Thanks to my blog friends, my first friends Vineela, Priya S&S, InjiManga, RP, Pushpa, Krishna Arjuna who by their regular comments gave me the enthusiasm. Vineela and Inji would love to know you are doing fine and we miss you. Please let us know. Then slowly I made more friends and some more, Shaheen, Asha, Indira, Ashwini,Sumitha, Linda, Revathi, Sandeepa,Vaishali,Priya, Priya,Kalyn,Archana,Menu Today, Krithika, LakshmiAmmal, Prema, Maithreyee whose comments and posts brighten my day. Thank you. Thanks to the others and to steal Asha's words who don't leave their keyprints.

Finally and my no means the last I am most grateful and thankful for my family my H who puts up with my idiosyncracies, my kids who apperciate almost anything I do. A big Thank you.

I am most Thankful for the simple everyday things that make my life rich and here is a simple dish which makes my family happy every single time.

Dosai and Tomato Chutney


  1. dosa and tomato chutney, same combo last night in my house. looks wonderful.

  2. Nice write up Indo.. Hey!! Dosai and tomato chutney is one sure thing which can brighten up my husband's day. He is a person who can have dosai all the three times in a day and when u take him to a restaurant at the end of the day he would order the same dosai...
    dosai looks crispy and perfect..

  3. Priya S&S11/19/06, 12:56 AM

    That was a very sweet post Indo !

    Thank you for all that you share. Most of your recipes and pictures brings back nostalgic memories, reminds me of my mom's cooking and my home town.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family !

  4. Thank you so much for your friendship and your regular comment too on my posts.I really appreciate's that simple thing we do which really matter for all bloggers:))

    Dosa and chutney are my eternal fav, so I don't have to say anything else but thank you!

    Happy Thankgiving:))

  5. Oh, i could live on Dosa for days ! It looks so crisp and good. I adore people who can make crispy dosas and fluffy rotis at home. Have a nice day.

  6. Hey? Long time no see...where have you bee? hehehe.. just kidding..

    i was not keeping im okay.

  7. Very nice post indo... thanks for considering a newbie like me as a friend. How the net connects people...Only 2 months back I hardly know any of you guys and now I feel you guys are my friends from long time past :)
    very nice Dosai... have never even attempted this as I like crispy ones and i have no clue how to make them that way.

  8. Mythreeyee, Prema, Priya S&S, Asha,Archana,Sandeepa thank you and have a great Thanksgiving.

    Inji thanks for answering the SOS,
    Sure missed your humor around here.
    Glad that you are better and good to see the humor intact(!). Take Care and speedy recovery.

  9. Beautiful post! Enjoyed it.

  10. Looks very yummy....will try it soon.


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