Sunday, September 24, 2006

Inside Man and Chaiyya Chaiyya

Maybe Old news but thought it was interesting...

Just as the movie Inside Man started playing I heard Chaiya Chaiya song, yes the popular DilSe song, and was beginning to wonder if I had inadvertently taken the wrong movie. You see Blockbuster has a whole Indian movie section these days. Nope it was indeed "Inside Man" I watch all Denzil Washington's movies, this one not one of his best but a good watch on DVD. The movie also has Clive Owen (what a good actor!), Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer, William Dafoe. Great acting alround, in the end analysis actually not too bad a movie.

The whole song played during the opening credits. Usually we do not watch the credits at the end which lasts for about 5-6 minutes but this time we did to see if A.R Rehman's name would flash. It did indeed along with another playing of the song during the credits in the end.

Way to go A.R Rahman! This is the only time I have seen an entire Indian movie song played in a Hollywood movie in full that too 2 times ....


  1. I saw the movie too and it was hilarious!! People had no clue what it was about but we had a blast humming along!! :D
    Yesterday I heard the same song in one of the crime fighting serial on Sat.,I called my husband to listen to it!! At last , US is catching up with Bollywood!!:))

  2. You bet, Spike Lee is a smart director, he did it first (atleast that I know of) the others will catch on pretty soon. It is hip now to use Bollywood songs it seems. At last...

  3. Chaiyya Chaiyya in a Hollywood movie? Really? Wow! I feel kinda proud. Well, it's time Hollywood woke up to the Indian film industry. It is after all much bigger than Hollywood.

  4. ISG
    I too found it surprising at first but heard later that the director of the movie was presented with a cd of dil se by an Indian student while he was teaching a class at an univ and that he liked the chayya chayya song so much that he decided to add it to his movie..

  5. omg. i had the ditto experiance when i had seen this movie, from thinking i picked the wrong movie to actually seeing if rahman got the credit. nice to see u did too. did u see "chamma chamma" in "moulin rouge"?

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  7. Hi,
    Havent seen the movie.. but really feel proud ..

  8. My feelings exactly.....For a moment I actually thought I was watching a pirated DVD....I too watched the credits which I usually skip just to hear the song.


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